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Season 29 is started!!
While waiting for new updates of Mattsmyra, please enjoy Birka - A Build a City challenge (discontinued), or a variety of challenges served at

Extra Materials

The Birth of a Swedish Prosperity Challenge

Naming a Population

The story of Malcolm Markövertag's wedding and his relation to Kevin Burlin

Determining Birth Dates

Introducing Height

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Round 29
Uni - Year 109-110
Mattsgården - Uncertain Progress
Myren - Hottub Scandals
Korskrogen - Big Scare
Roteberg - Reduced Household
Letsbo - Removing Mods
Lottefors - Close-knit Family


Lottefors year 109-112 - Close-knit Family

I found a ready-played Mattsmyra family in my archives, so please enjoy this rare, but eventless update:

Last time at Lottefors, Charlie grew up to a Popularity teen and Elias to a child. All the boys spent time with friends. Elisabet started a career as an Artist. The big boys bought cellphones. Axel moved to Uni.

Lottefors year 109-112, Thursday to Sunday
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Lottefors after round 29:

Marcus Montell
Elisabet Montell
Charlie Montell
Elias Montell
Jambo, the collie

Roteberg year 109-112 - Reduced Household

Previously, Wilhelm reached his third LTW to become the Education Minister. Marie was accepted in private school. Patrik got a Culinary plaque. Monica climbed the ladder of the architecture career. Before this update, the sons Niklas and Robert moved back from Uni and Robert brought his fiancée Maja Johansson to be his wife.

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Inhabitants at Roteberg after round 29:
Monica Törnblad
Wilhelm Törnblad
Niklas Berg
Robert Berg
Maja (Johansson) Berg


Korskrogen year 109-112 - Big Scare

Previously, Noel reached the top of the Slacker career without getting any points. Caroline worked undevotedly on her 20 lovers LTW. Charlie and Jonathan grew up to Fortune and Family teens and were enrolled in private school. Stina, Tony and the dogs were ignored as usual.

Korskrogen year 109-112, Friday to Tuesday

Noel Bard, 66, Romance/Grilled cheese, 4th LTW Eat 200 Grilled Cheese

Caroline Johansson, 63, Romance, LTW 20 loves

Stina Johansson, 63, Family/Grilled cheese, 3rd LTW Graduate 3 kids from Uni

Tony Johansson, 45, Fortune, LTW Business Tycoon

Charlie Johansson, 13, Fortune, Chief of Staff

Jonathan Johansson, 13, Family, Graduate 3 kids from uni

Rio and Janeiro, dogs

We start the update with some skilling, but in Caroline’s case it’s only entertainment since she maxed her creativity.

She’s also entertaining others. She collects loves, but she’s really struggling with it, since she loves her Noel so much. The first names on the list that are not love interests are her children Alexander and Maja. She invites Aron Wern who is next on the seduction list

He’s a bit shy at first, but soon he lets go.

To a point.

Noel is not the jealous type

Or is he?

No, he’s only waiting for his turn.

Jonathan and Charlie spends Friday night downtown, taking pictures, meeting people and buying cell phones

Tony works on his creativity. He’s a vice president and wants more skills, to eventually get promoted we assume.

Jonathan is a Family sim and wants a date, so he invites Eva Wern over.

Turns out she’s Family too, so this might be a good match.

They try to play bowling in knee-deep snow, but the ball isn’t even visible.

Instead they share their first kiss.

They like each other very much

Noel joins the house band and gets a plaque. 1p!

Charlie wants to earn some money and accepts a job as a piano tuner.

Then the boys do their homework together.

Caroline spends her Saturday night trying to reach her LTW. It’s a real chore for her. The family owns a community lot, so she takes Gustav Hartwig there.

Another love – not sure how many more to go. At least it fulfilled her Woohoo 10 sims wish.

Next – Aron!

Next – Catrin

Next she invites Åsa Flyckt, but it has been so long that we forgot they are related. Åsa is Caroline’s cousin. Oops!

Axel Eriksson is a crossed out bolt, but we need to get this done. They have a nearly 30 relationship.

Go Caroline!

When we’re up to 79 he’s a two-bolter

YAY!! Caroline finally reaches her LTW! 1p! Omg, so much work for just one point. Why do we do this?

Now she wants 50 first dates. NO! That’s the sole reason we changed your aspiration in college, remember? So Caroline heads home for family Sunday.

Noel descends from a combination of the Myhr and Mattsson families. His mother Thea was the first gen 2 baby born in Mattsmyra. He’s got a twin brother, Simon, and a half brother, Jörgen, from father Cristopher and half-alien Vera Johansson

Caroline is an original Johansson. Her mother Livia was not a good mother, and Caroline had a brother, Max, who was taken by social service but later adopted to Caroline's uncle's mistress.

Stina is Caroline’s cousin. Daniel, Stina’s father, was brother to Caroline’s mother Livia. Daniel was an adultering bastard, making his mistress pregnant at the same time as his wife. Therefor, Stina has a half-sister named Åsa, who is Caroline’s cousin as well, as we remembered in the romancing spree. Stina married Tony late in life and had her twin boys Charlie and Jonathan with him.

Since this save has behaved so well, we risk a summoned Family Sunday.

Which we shouldn’t have done! Serious crashing occurs as soon as the time reaches 9.30 for some reason. After many attempts it’s decided that the family must be moved out and back in. Let’s pretend they lost everything in a fire and the house has been rebuilt.

In the new attempt, only Caroline and Noel’s children are invited. Noel serves Grilled Cheese to Alexander and his pregnant wife Saga (generation 5 is coming!)

The boys argue about aliens, but apparently it’s not so bad, since they become best friends at the same time.

The old ladies are playing catch in the early spring weather. Behind them we see the headstones of the ancestors

And we end this update with an active grandmother. We all had a big scare that this lot might become unplayable, but we made it through it, and we can be happy the headstones were still at the lot when we moved back.

Korskrogen after round 29:
Noel Bardh
Caroline Johansson
Stina Johansson
Tony Johansson
Charlie Johansson
Jonathan Johansson
Rio and Janeiro, dogs


Mattsgården year 109-112 - Uncertain Progress

Previously at Mattsgården (three RL years ago) we had Vidar ask Jenny to marry him during family Sunday. Jenny was fighting the best man and met her new relatives. Agnes was not fond of her sister-in-law Elisabeth who came by every day. Kent learned his toddler skills and grew up to a child.

Mattsgården year 109-112, Thursday to Sunday

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Mattsgården after round 29:
Georg Mattsson
Agnes Mattsson
Vidar Rodiek
Jenny (Mattsson) Rodiek
Kent Mattsson
Fi, the dog


Round 28 complete!

Accumulated since r27                                                                                           834p

One Townie  (Steve/Stefan)                                                                                      1p
Six Baby Girls (!) (Hilma Linn, Melissa, Ester, Livia, Viktoria, Lova)            6p
Four LTWs (Gerd, Elisabeth, Christoffer, Kevin B)                                            4p
Seven TOCs (Elisabeth, Kevin B, Love, Oscar, Emilia, Märta, Rut)                7p
Six Summa Cum Laude (Jörgen, Ingela, Matilda, Maja, Niklas, Robert)      6p
Five Greek House (Niklas, Robert, Maja, Theodor, Roland)                             5p
One Big Sim on Campus (Maja)                                                                              1p
Zero max influence at death                                                                                     0p
Zero Social Worker                                                                                                      0p
Zero Social Bunny                                                                                                        0p
Zero Shrink                                                                                                                   0p
Zero Fired due to bad performance                                                                         0p
Six Platinum graves  (Elisabeth, Kerstin, Anna, Emilia, Patric, Sebastian)    6p
One Impossible Wants (Cecilia)                                                                               3p
Four Hobby Plaques (Jenny, Linnea, Maja, Johannes)                                      4p
Twelve Full aspiration (Jenny, Caroline, Gerd, Bertil, Ralf, Martin,
                                          Elisabeth, Cecilia, Annika, Lovisa, Malcolm, Rut
)     36p

Total after round 28:                                                                                             947p

33 households + 1 University
6 Deaths
6 Births
6 Graduations

195 sims (58 deceased = 137 active)