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Runemo year 64-67, Tired of Burglars

Previously at Runemo, Märta played with her cousin Marcus. She also didn't do her homework properly. David founf that tinkering is his preferred hobby and he got an old car to work on. Barbro was pregnant and gave birth to Annika, who also had the time to grow up to toddler.

Hah! The infamous burglar lady Jessica Eberling comes to Runemo in vain.


The family has been smart enough to install a burglar alarm.

Next event after the burglary is Barbro getting demoted. She obviously doesn’t care much. She’s a Family sim after all.

Then she promptly falls asleep in her spaghetti.

When David comes home, he doesn’t even make it inside.

Which leads to a very dirty toddler.

When big sister Märta arrives home from school she’s saving her little sister by calling the nanny back in.

Then her too collapses. It’s tough to have a break-in, you get all exhausted.

Later that night things are back to normal, and it’s time for Märta’s birthday. The lady in the back-ground, I have no idea who she is!

Things are indeed back to normal. We have another Romance girl...

She also has the desire to woohoo 20 different sims. Wonder if I’ll ever complete that LTW for any of my sims.

In other news, Annika finds her preferred hobby, which is tinkering, like her father.

Then it’s her birthday.

Annika outgrew one pretty dress and got another. She is still very interested in mechanics and wishes to get more mechanical points all the time.

Both Barbro and David wished for a pet, and therefor Barbro adopts Robin the Cat. She might have a reason to regret that 5 minutes after Robin’s arrival. He's an elder but still hasn't learnt to behave.

The girls are at home for snow day. Please note the vast amounts of snow on the ground. :/

I suspect this is Simerica, getting all messed up by 1mm of snow. Annika has the time to play ball with her father though, and it’s always good with some bonding.

David was also promoted to Top Secret Researcher.

Märta spends her snow day shopping. How is it possible to go downtown when the roads and schools are closed due to snow?

Anyway, Märta buys all the small gadgets teens want, cell phone, MP3-player and Gameboy. She also gets rid of her braids and lets her beautiful black hair flow freely. She’s a Romancer after all.

Then she goes to a dance club to check out some boys. It’s quite early though, so noone is there. She takes a drink instead. I hope it’s a soft drink!
And there, this update comes to an abrupt stop, because nothing else happened and then the time was up.

Runemo after round 18:
Barbro Sandvall
David Sandvall
Märta Sandvall
Annika Sandvall
Robin, the cat



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