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Svedja year 64-67, No Snowday!

Previously at Svedja we were actually Downtown. Anna met a new friend named Anna, and tried to relax properly through her pregnancy. She succeeded and gave birth to natural twins Oscar and Wilhelm. Allan was an exceptional father and did most of the work with the twins. When the boys grew up to toddlers, the family decided to move from Downtown to Mattsmyra.

The Törnblad family has just arrived to their newly bought house Svedja (scorched area). Stella Mattsson lives here before.


They have no furniture whatsoever. I wish there was a family catalogue in Sims 2, where all the furniture went when moving the family.Anna is sick with the flu, but inherites some money from her father Jesper to help with buying appliances.

While the welcome wagon waits outside in vain, Anna is coughing, but still manages to potty train her boys, Wilhelm and Oscar.

Anna goes back to work now when the boys are a bit older, and they are getting taken care of by the somewhat competent nanny Kim Lawson. She at least changes and feeds them.

Allan, who is a Knowledge sim, wanted to learn how to cook Comfort soup. He of course doesn’t have that as an option in his menues. So, I let Anna start the cooking, and then directed her to do something else, while Allan could finish the cooking. And now everyone is happy. And healthy.

Just in time too, because it’s time for the twins’ birthday

And here they are, all grown up and well-behaved, doing their first homework together.

It has been snowing and snowing for days on end. The snow cover is now knee deep, but do these boys get a snow day? No way! You would imagine the lived in a totally different Simiverse than their cousins of Rotemo.
They bring Aron Wern with them home from school, but are not really making friends with him. They should be perfect in age, but what do you know?

Their parents are friendly as ever, though, working hard now to make more brothers or sisters for Oscar and Wilhelm to play with instead.


Svedja after round 18:
Anna Törnblad
Allan Törnblad
Oscar Törnblad
Wilhelm Törnblad (whose personal page is now updated too)


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