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Los year 64-67, Toddler Love

Previously at Los, Emilia made grilled cheese sandwiches and got a job, but immediately found she was pregnant. That triggered Patric to make Emilia a respectable woman, and they got married. On the sceond day of Christmas, little Love was born.

Emilia, the Grilled Cheese sim, is working out and gets fit.


It’s not exactly what her husband Patric wishes, he likes voluminous women.

I guess it won’t stop him from woohooing her, though.


Before we even knew Emilia was pregnant again, she’s having a miscarriage and loses the baby. I’m sorry Emilia!

Fortunately she recovers quickly, and soon it’s time for Love (Lou-veh, remember? :))to grow up. This house is absolutely tiny, but they cannot afford anything better at the moment.

And here he is with his proud father. He turns out to be an extremely active and very neat Cancer, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a toddler with such sharp features.

Love does NOT want to learn to talk.

After a period of practizing he gets the hang of it

Emilia: Say “Mamma!”
Love: “Mamma!”
Emilia: "That's my boy!"

Yihoo!! Note the finished painting behind Emilia and Love.

It’s Patric’s finished painting, and when he arrives home from work he sells it. It’s a Master Piece, and he now wants to quit his job. Sorry, no can do, you don’t have enough money yet!

And Love learns to walk. He will have a fantastic life, learning everything in time.

The next day, when Emilia is off work, she’s inviting Rolf Myhr, her former lover, for a visit. Even though I worried, it’s all kept innocent.

Then, everything goes back to normal. The snow is dancing down outside. Next round there will be spring in Mattsmyra, but there are quite a few lots left before that, I’m afraid.

Los after round 18:
Emilia Carlsson
Patric Carlsson
Love Carlsson


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