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Rävkullen year 64-67, Effing Computer

Previously at Rävkullen, Max moved in at got a fine for calling the fire department in vain. Then he found his Arts&Crafts interest and took up pottery. He started a career in the Athletics field. Lena moved in and stayed in touch with her many friends while waiting for her desired job to come up.

Lena still tries to find a job in the Military career while Max is sleeping.


She barely makes it through the ads

Until the computer breaks so she needs to fix it instead.

And when Max wakes up, just before he’s off to work, he proposes to Lena, who says yes, despite the fact that Max is terribly stinky.

While Max is gone to work for the day, Lena is jamming on her guitar. She awaits his return so they can have their wedding party. Her phone is ringing as usual.

And in the evening of December 3rd ’64 Max Benett and Lena Ceder are joint in holy matrimony.

Max’ birth father Ricky Cormier is here. Max is the spitting image of his father, as my readers have pointed out.

And after the honey moon and a work-out session, Mrs Benett is continuing her job search.

Lena: ”This effing computer obviously doesn’t want me to get a job!”

Lena: ”Let’s see now… Detective... Horoscope writer... Campaign Manager... no, no Military career in sight today either”

And while Lena still hasn’t found her desired job, Max is working hard to get to the top of the Athletics career. He’s already an All star.

Back to the classifieds.

Adventurer... Criminal... Entertainment... Dancing... No.

Since she still cannot find a job, Lena goes to visit her good friend and brother-in-law Martin Montell (he’s married to Lena’s sister Sofie) in his flower shop. You have to do something with your time!

She meets Maximilian Johansson over a hamburger.

Lena: “Oh, so you’re Vera’s father. Yeah, she’s Max’s cousin by his birth mother Livia, your sister, I believe. My sister Agnes went with her to University, so I’ve heard of her, but I cannot say that I know her”

Maximilian: “How do you know all these things?”
Lena: “Well, I’m cool as ice cream, and I’m a Popularity sim, I take an interest in other sims”


Rävkullen after round 18:
Max Benett
Lena (Ceder) Benett



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