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Gondolkanalen 74, Bring out the Champagne

There is no previous for this lot, since it's a new one. We last saw Malva graduating from University.

At last we will see what happened with Malva Montell, Jesper and Inger’s youngest daughter!


She had a (platonic, if I remember correctly) relationship with Malcolm Markövertag IV already as a teen, and here he is, taking advantage of his now-wife, Malva, born Montell. A lot of M’s in this family!

Malcolm: ”Yes dear, it was a lovely party! I’m sure you’ll be an appropriate wife to a man like me, when I climb the ladder of fame!”
Malva:”Oh, yes, I will be behind you every step of the way!” (or before, she thinks)

Both the Markövertag’s want careers in Crime, so they’re trying to beat each other to it.
Unfortunately there are no openings in the field.

So Malva is trying to live the jet set life, starting a fire in the fire place. It won’t stay there however, the fire is spreading to the antique rug! And no fire alarm is installed in this room!

Malva:”555-fire, that the right number isn’t it?”

Malva: ”Ahhh! Ahh! I’m freaking out now!”
Malcolm:”Hey, that’s an antique carpet you know!!”

The fire is soon put out, when handled by professionals.
Malcolm: ”Oh, Malva you’re so hot!”
Fireman: “That guy is so lucky, I wish I had a wife like that!”

Malva: ”OMG, I really need a drink now! Luckily we have an abundance of champagne in this house! I’m so lucky that I succeeded in hooking up the most wanted bachelor in Mattsmyra!”

Kevin B comes visiting, invited by Malva. She thinks he’s gorgeous and wants to flirt with him. She doesn’t do it though, she does actually find her husband even hotter. He's richer.

Amin: ”I just want to propose a toast to the happy newly-weds! May you prosper and fill the earth!”
All: “Cheers!”

Malcolm: ”It’s great that you had such good grades in University, we will be able to rule our crime syndicate smoothly thanks to that!”
(I will rule it, Malva thinks to herself)

Malva: ”Cheers for our criminal future!”
Malcolm: “Isn’t this champagne bottle finished soon? Can we go to bed now?”

Malva: “No, we need to check the ads once more before bed.”
No jobs in the right field comes up. I think it's a financial crisis in Mattsmyra, it's hard to get a job.

And the next morning Malva heads directly towards the champagne bottle again.

“I’ll just take a small sip, just one”

However, Malcolm decides they need to do something constructive while waiting for their desired careers to come up, so they head to the Electronics store that Malcolm owns. It will keep Malva from the bottle for a while.

The company dips to level 0 upon entry, but is soon back to level 1.

Then it goes down again. And up. And down.

Back home, the job hunt continues. No luck.

Malcolm finally threw out the champagne bottle, so now Malva is hitting the bar as soon as she’s not sleeping. This house needs some renovation, it’s depressingly dark.

And also it needs the tapping of little feet. Let’s see if there will be another generation of Markövertags’.

Gondolkanalen 74 after round 18:
Malcolm IV Markövertag
Malva (Montell) Markövertag





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