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Letsbo, Saturday - Wednesday


Hans Lind is a bit too eager to get himself a wife, and pops the moving-in question too early. Melissa takes offence and they are not best friends anymore. Hans is terribly disappointed, and leaves for work.

He’s still a bit depressed when returning home in the evening, even though he got promoted to locker room attendant. He goes to bed early.

Next day he invites Melissa over again, and they are best friends again. 

And after a day when he’s really attentive to her, she agrees to move in, bringing 2.000 simoleons. 1p to j68!

Maybe Melissa did a mistake when she decided to move in. On the first night, she lies expectantly on the bed. Hans rumbles in and falls fast asleep in his underwear, dreaming of succulent teenage girls, instead of paying attention to his newly moved-in companion. And I though SHE was the romance sim here!

Maybe I was wrong about Hans. He falls to his knees and asks Melissa to marry him. She accepts, since she’s very romantic, but as all romance sims she’s not particularly happy when the ring on her finger is a fact.

Look at that sixpack! She’s really fit! She will look terrific in a wedding gown. If Hans can get her there.

Well, well, well, he succeeded, and Melissa is now Mrs Hans Lind. Hopefully the garbage can isn’t symbolizing the future of this marriage. It's more a symbol of her gown, it's really hideous, and not at all lifting her fantastic figure.

And of they go for their wedding trip!

And after that, generation 2 in the making! A dramatic round with a happy ending so to say. Stay tuned, we’ll be back any day soon.

Inhabitants at Letsbo after round 2:

Hans Lind
Melissa (Falk) Lind

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