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Järvsö year 65-67, A Beautiful Wedding

This is a new lot. Agnes and Kevin were last seen graduating from University

Agnes Myhr and Kevin Rodiek moves in together at Järvsö (Wolverine Island) after University.

They are three-bolter Family sims, and cannot wait to get married and have children. Kevin asks Agnes on a date, to go buy some new clothes, and to seal the deal...

And there in the shop, Kevin asks Agnes to marry him. Of course she says yes!

Then they hurry home to give their vows. The wedding is held indoors since it’s winter outside.

The bride’s mother is congratulating the newly-weds. And then her brother.

And the reception goes well and the cake gets cut.

And then off for the honeymoon

Back home, Agnes is making herself at home in the little Rodiek house. She will be a housewife and hopefully stay-at-home mum. Kevin wants a job in the Oceanography track, but haven’t found any yet.

And while waiting, he’s making new friends. Here it’s Marie-Helen Hamilton. Agnes is very tired nowadays.

Yes, we guessed it. The first Rodiek heir is expected in ’68.

Agnes: ”Yes, I just got it confirmed, we’re expecting our first child in ’68.”

Marie-Helen: Looks worried. Or maybe jealous, I think she’s Family too.

Kevin still looks for his desired job, but no openings. And Agnes had her second pop, but she turned away so we can’t see it. Next time we will have a baby!

Järvsö after round 18:
Agnes (Myhr) Rodiek
Kevin Rodiek

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