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Mattsgården year 68-70, Golden Anniversary

Previously at Mattsgården, Barbara swooned over all men, making us believe that she's a secret romancer. Hugo was accepted in Private School and left for University. Loke reached his LTW of becoming Captain Hero. Georg came back from Uni, sercretly engagaged, but after the Uni update we know that he finally ended up with Agnes Ceder, depite them having some difficulties along the line.

Agnes Ceder moves in to her new home at Mattsgården in a dress that most certainly doesn’t fit her Romance personality.  

Let’s see if there are some more fitting clothes in the drawers in this house, or if we need some emergency shopping.

That’s better! Georg, her husband to be, dreams about something good to eat.

Georg and Agnes have not been able to find jobs in their desired careers – Agnes wants to become a Slacker, and Georg a Teacher. Instead they spend Friday in bed, trying to sleep off their flu, so that they can have their wedding.

Georg’s mother Barbara is still fighting to get to the top of the Science career. She gets promoted to top secret researcher.

Loke makes some comfort soup for the family, and for the Karlsson siblings, Jennifer and Claes, townie teens. The soup does its deed and everyone gets healthy. Time for the wedding!

Saturday is wedding day. Vera Johansson and the Greek House hang-around Tony fall in love the instant they step in the door.

The happy two are sealing the deal.

After the ceremony the flower arch is replaced with a buffet table for the reception, and the phone starts ringing with well-wishes. Agnes’ skinny sister Lena is attending, in the exact same dress. Well, she’s newly married herself.
Then it’s off for honeymoon, in winter clothes, since it’s freezing outside. (Like IRL, we have -15C today) And when they get home, they have a private celebration in the hottub, talking about the wonderful trip.

To add to all the happy events this weekend, Barbara gets promoted to theorist, and is closer to her goal than ever.  

Loke brings home Elmer Tång from work. He’s the father of Engla Ramirez, who will hopefully marry Loke’s youngest son Hugo, when the young ones leave University.

Oh, yes, a generation 3 Mattsson is on the way.

And when talking about generations, we give you the family trees of Agnes and georg respectively. Agnes is granddaughter to early deceased CAS adult Magnus Berg and daughter to CAS child Maria. Georg is the son of CAS toddler Loke and grandson to CAS adult Dan Mattsson, Mattsmyra's patriarch. Agnes has sisters Lena, married to Max Benett, and Sofie, married to Martin Montell. Georg has brother Hugo in Uni, and sisters Elisabeth, married to Kevin Burlin, and Emilia, married to Patric Carlsson.

Loke and Barbara invites all their children over to celebrate their Golden Anniversary. The guests are obsessed with the outdoor musical instruments, and get themselves frozen. Especially this is a bad idea for Elisabeth, not wearing a coat since she’s pregnant.

Georg tries to get his sister to get inside. Emilia and Hugo had sense enough to get themselves inside, but Hugo first got himself half frozen.

The guests of honour celebrated the occasion in their own way in the hot tub, but apparently it wasn’t hot enough. It must be a terribly cold day today.

It’s a boring party, but Georg takes the chance to max his creativity skill, thereby fulfilling a want. If he just could get a job in his chosen career, everything would be great!  

Mattsgården after round 19:
 Loke Mattsson
Barbara Mattsson
Georg Mattsson
Agnes (Ceder) Mattsson




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