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Myren year 68-70, A Ghost at my Party

Previously at Myren, Rolf and Evert were working their businesses and looked great. Britta gave birth to Ulrika, the first-born generation 3 of the Myhr family. Britta then developed a fear of changing diapers.

The family received a genie lamp from the gypsy, and Evert wished for peace of mind. He then closed his art gallery and earned 100.000§, which was his IW. He finished his private business, too and drew his last breath, leaving the rest of the family in grief. Marita found comfort in taking care of young Ulrika.


We start where we ended last time, with Marita teaching Ulrika her skills.  

Marita: “Say Farmor, Ulrika dear. Far-Mor!”
Ulrika: ...

Two hours later. Marita is persistent.

Marita: “Say Farmor, honey. Far-Mor!” Ulrika: “Far-Mor!” Marita: "Good girl!"

Friday night Rolf asks some people over. Among them, his newly-wed, highly pregnant sister Agnes. Agnes: “Yes, we’re expecting. The doctor says it might be twins!”

Britta shows herself from her best side to Rolf’s friends. Barbro doesn’t appreciate the treatment, but Britta is satisfied, and the party becomes a success.

That night, when arriving home from work, Marita calls her crime syndicate and retires. She doesn’t feel comfortable in the Criminal Mastermind outfit anymore, and doesn’t feel it’s appropriate for a Farmor to work in crime anyway.

Saturday it’s party time again. It’s Ulrika’s birthday. Evert makes an appearance, all depressed to be dead.

Well, Ulrika features her mother’s colours, but the cheekbones and chin are most definitvely her father’s!
Marita concentrates on her skilling after her retirement and maxes her cooking skill.
The rest of the family enjoys a lazy Sunday brunch in their PJs. Even the maid Katarina is invited to the family occasion.

After the brunch Ulrika goes outside to play with the neighbourhood kids. She meets at least one her own age, it’s Rasmus Eriksson. The other guy is called Tryggve (!) And that's all we have time for. See you next time!  

Myren after round 19:
Marita Myhr
Rolf Myhr
Britta Myhr
Ulrika Myhr


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