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Korskrogen year 68-70, Winter Park

Previously at Korskrogen, Livia was woohoo-ing, Daniel and Sofie tried to earn some money and the girls Åsa, Stina and Caroline moved to University. Sofie reached her LTW of becoming a Business Tycoon, and her and Daniel decided to retire.

Livia is sick. This will be a boring round!  


Since she’s sick, she needs to keep in touch with her friends and lovers over the phone.  

Let's start with the Family Tree:

Livia Johansson is the sister of Daniel Johansson. They, and Daniel's wife Sofie lives at Korskrogen at this time. The girls are at University.
Daniel buys a community lot, a playground. His second LTW is to own five successful companies, and he starts with this. Daniel: “You’ll see, my wife, we will make a lot of money here!”

The park is very romantic in its cover of snow. The first couple to fall in love are Ralf Lilja and Sofia Mattsson, former Uni friends and nowadays roommates.

What will David Ottomas, Sofia’s boyfriend, say? We'll find out when we reach the lot Holmsveden, which is no 9 on the playlist.

During day 1 the park reaches level 1.
Back home, Daniel realizes that fitness is his preferred hobby.

Sofie is only interested in making money, and the best way is to give financial advice over the internet. She now reached 50.000 §.

Livia gets well during Friday, and immediately booty calls Edward Djärv, one of her regulars, for some hot tub woohoo.

Seems it wasn’t the best of ideas in the dead of winter. It's still very cold in Mattsmyra!

Max is visiting the house where he grew up.

Sofie: “I want to apologize for what happened long ago. You remember when the Social Services took you away from your mother Livia. Then your Uncle Daniel and I were approved adoptive parents, and then you missed the school bus on your very first day. If we just had acted differently, everything would have become different. I’m sorry!”

Max: “My Sim, Aunt Sofie, that was years and years ago! Don’t think about that anymore!”


Max: “Now, Aunt Sofie and Uncle Daniel, let’s ROCK!”
Sofie: ”Oh, YEAH!!”

Livia reaches her TOC and LTW of becoming a Hall of Famer! 2p! She celebrates her promotion and the approaching spring with reconnecting with Max’s father Ricky, who is still only an adult. He was just a teen when Max was concieved. And that's it!  


Korskrogen after round 19:
Daniel Johansson
Sofie Johansson
Livia Johansson


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