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Roteberg year 68-70, Two Young Daughters

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Dec. 22nd, 2009 | 05:17 pm

Previously at Roteberg, Kim, Susanne's mother, finally died at the respectable age of 81. Monica grew up well despite her Mormor's passing. Little sister Lena was born, and since Susanne got too old to have anymore children, Patrik finally had his want fulfilled and him and Susanne got married. Lena then grew up to toddler.

Life with two young daughters continue at Roteberg. Susanne is teaching Lena to walk.  

It doesn’t work very well, but eventually we’re getting there, I’m sure.


Patrik is gently waking Monica up Friday morning, to get her ready for school.

“Just one more day, gumman, then it’s the weekend and we can sleep in”


Even though it was a hard time getting out of bed, Friday in school paid off. Monica gets an A+ report card and also earns a prize of 215§ for her fantastic performance in her own play “Simlet”.


Susanne reached her LTW of becoming a celebrity Chef already years ago, and has since then looked for an opening in the Music career. Today she succeeded, and took a job as a Music Store Clerk. Way down the ranks of course, but since money is no issue in this house she takes it on as a hobby project.


Patrik was promoted today, too, so he’s now working as a Police Chief, very close to his goal of becoming Captain Hero.

Lena is falling asleep on her mother’s arm. Her parents have been trying to put her to bed for hours, but are interfering with each other all the time.

Saturday, Monica has Annika Sandvall over for a play date.They play in the snow and afterwards goes inside to play darts, before they are too cold.


Saturday night it’s time for Lena’s birthday.


Lena: ”I can throw a beach ball like THIS!” Albin: “That’s AMAZING! How do you know, growing up during the winter?” Despite Albin being a bit bitchy, the party is not bad, and Lena is satisfied.


The girls get along great now when they’re in the same phase of life, and they spend Sunday together.


And we end this update with Susanne's family tree. She's generation 2, since her grand-father and father were CAS-sims, along with Susanne's half-sister Maria, who already died, too. She still has her other sister Ingeborg alive, and she's got 7 nieces and nephews in all ages, from adults to toddlers.  

Roteberg after round 19:
Susanne Mellberg
Patrik Mellberg
Monica Berg
Lena Berg  



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Comments {13}


(no subject)

from: ciyrose
date: Apr. 3rd, 2010 06:21 pm (UTC)

The girls are cute, although Monica sure has got a nose. I like Patrik (Pao) but haven't played him yet, I might have to get him into the hood sometime.

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(no subject)

from: jungfrun68
date: Apr. 4th, 2010 11:54 am (UTC)

The fun thing with these girls are that they take after one parent each. Monica is the spitting image of Susanne (including the nose :)) and Lena looks very much like Patrik, with the same narrow eyes.

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