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Letsbo year 68-70, David's Party

Previously at Letsbo, David saw his friends grow up around him. Annika left for University. Allegra was skilling and Georg was working on his Art&Crafts hobby until he received a plaque.

The hobby pursuits continues at Letsbo while David waits to be old enough to go to Uni.


Moving on

Friday morning he’s doing his last high school assignment ever. Next week he’s off to Uni, but first, his last weekend at home.

It starts out already at Friday afternoon. David invites Karina Ottomas over after school and they are singing karaoke in the garage.

David has a very simple and conventional family tree. He's generation 3, since Georg, his father, is born in game. David has one sister, Annika, who is in University, and no cousins at all, since his parents have no siblings.

Georg: ”Tonight, my love, we will leave our black hair behind for good, and we will have a grand party to celebrate it!”
Allegra: “Oh yes, and when I reach the top of my career we will both retire, and live happily ever after!”

David has been playing drums all night and gets his hobby plaque. 1p!

And the same morning Allegra comes home promoted to Criminal Mastermind, and by that she reached her LTW, too. 2p!
Now she wants to become a City Planner, but cannot find any such job. And tonight it’ll be too late, since she will become an elder.

So she spends Saturday afternoon with David, playing chess. He needs some more logic points to get a scolarship to Uni, and she wants it since she’s a knowledge sim.
Allegra skips work to celebrate her birthday instead, but I must show you the picture of her workwear. It’s the first time I’ve seen an adult in the Criminal Mastermind outfit in my game. It sure looks better than on an elder.

Ta-da! Georg becomes an elder. Saturday afternoon Annika comes home to visit, and to attend her mother’s birthday.

And surrounded by family and friends, Allegra grows up very well to elder.

Sunday, David throws a go-to-uni party for all his friends, in the garage. Everybody is dancing, playing instruments and sings together.

Even though it looks great, it’s a boring party. I don’t know why David cannot succeed in hosting parties.

In the end it’s actually not bad, so David gets a boost to his mood, and his guests leave in a good mood, too.

So, David claims his scolarships for Charisma, Arts and good grades, and leaves for Uni.

Bye, bye David!

Letsbo after round 19:
Georg Lind
Allegra Lind


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