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Lottefors year 68-70, Cliffhanger Pregnancy

Previously at Lottefors, My had good grades and grew up to be a gay Romance teen. Jesper transferred his flower shop to his son Martin and died in Platinum. Marcus learned to study and petted a penguin. The family bought a dog named Jiingi.

My has met a two-bolter in Tilda Sax. They spend some time together in the hot tub.


I fear they will get really cold, like everyone else in Mattsmyra this terrible winter.

Simon learns to cook pork chops, according to his wishes. He wants to know everything. And since he's always skilling or working in the hospital, he gets very little screen time.

Carita: ”I don’t feel too well, wonder if I’m pregnant?”
My: ”Mamma, that’s gross!! I will never get pregnant in my life!”

No, probably you won’t, since you’re gay.

Saturday, My is spending downtown, to meet some new girls. Katja here is hot, but not interested.
And in the case of Märta, My is not interested.

My: ”Hi, I’m My, what’s your name, I haven’t seen you before!”
Cornelia: “I’m Cornelia”
My: “Ah, Cornelia, what a beautiful name! You look great by the way!”
Cornelia: “My Sim, I’m not gay, My!”
My: “Ah, too bad...”

After her shopping and flirting spree, My goes home to have lunch with her now visibly pregnant mother, and her little brother Marcus.
My bought herself a new outfit to celebrate that spring is approaching!

Then all of a sudden, Jiingi is not a puppy anymore, and needs a lot of corrections.

My is not a very good big sister, noogie-ing her kid brother. You think you’ve seen everything, but I think I have never seen a teen noogie a kid before.
I was also expecting to be able to tell Jiingi’s breed when she grew up, but I really think she’s some kind of a cross-breed. Or my knowledge of dog breeds is too light.

Marcus is spending the afternoon on the swings together with Lena Berg, who’s here with her sister Monica and their mother Susanne, of Roteberg.


Sunday, the snow is gone! Spring has arrived to Mattsmyra! However, it’s still cold, so Marcus keeps his coat on when training Jiingi.

My is having a date with Karina Ottomas, playing poker, and the highly pregnant Agnes, nowadays Mattsson, joins in.

Sunday evening, it’s Marcus’ birthday. Rut, the Uni baby is here. She’s actually one year younger than Marcus, and might be a suitable mate for him, depending on what aspiration he gets...

He rolls Knowledge! His turn-ons are glasses and logical minds, turn-off is underwear. This guy will sure love Uni, when he gets to go there in 7-8 years time. His LTW is yet to be revealed.

In the meantime, My is flirting with Karina Ottomas, and falls in love with her. Carita realizes all of a sudden that her daughter is gay.

Roland is playing the guitar really badly, which makes Jiingi want to join in. Rut does not appreciate it!

Oh no!!! Carita was left unattended for a few moments, and started stargazing autonomously. And she got herself abducted!!! This will probably not be good for the baby, but it has to be left as a cliff hanger, since our time is up!


Lottefors after round 19:

Simon Montell
Carita Montell?
My Montell
Marcus Montell
Jiingi, the cross-breed




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