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Färila year 68-70, Smart Little Man

Previously at Färila, Leif worked his shop to level 6. Gustav was born and became a toddler clone of his sister Elisabet, who grew up to child. Lasse and Ida, Leif's parents, both died within a short period of time. Elisabet was learning to study and teached Gustav a nursery rhyme.

Gustav: “When I get big I will explore the world!”
Leif: “That’s great my son, but you better take the school bus every morning for 14 years first”


Big plans in this little man! Maybe he’ll become our first Space Pirate?

Maja: ”Leif, I just wanted to say that I’m so greatful that we had our two children while we had the chance. I was lucky to meet you when I was still fertile!”

Maja started out her playable life as live-in-lover to Daniel Johansson at Korskrogen. She had her daughter Åsa with him. Max, who is actually Åsa’s cousin by her aunt Livia, is registered as Maja’s son, since she adopted him back to Korskrogen when Livia lost custody of him, and later Daniel and his wife Sofie lost him too.

At a pretty mature age, Maja met the nine years younger Leif Hartwig and fell in love with him. They got married and had their two children Elisabet and Gustav.

Leif’s tree is more conventional. He’s descending from the Mattsson clan, but his father Lasse introduced the Hartwig name. He’s got one sister, Lotta, who married into the Montell clan.

Leif is a Popularity sim with a Fortune want – he wants 5 top-level businesses. This is his second business, which just reached level 7. He left the first one before it reached the top, since he got bored with it.

Back home, Leif invites his cousin Sofia over, since he wishes to be best friends with her.

Leif: “You are SO boring, I cannot imagine I’m related to you!”
Sofia: “And you’re such a self-absorbed prick, I cannot imagine I’m related to you!” 

Best Friends!  

J68: :o

Gustav: ”When I’m finished with this bunny head, I will start working on my Logic skill”
Sofia: “Don’t you think you should play some ball first?”

No one takes this kid seriously!

Elisabet becomes best friends with Louise Wern, who she started hanging out with last round.
She also hangs out with Lena Berg, who is actually Louise’s cousin. You can see the Berg colouring in them both.

Then it’s time for Gustav’s birthday. Let’s see if he’s continuing his big plans.

He doesn’t get to taste his own cake anyway, because his sister is cleaning it away before it’s even cut! Why did you do that, Elisabet?

Despite the cake failure, the party ends up to be ”not bad” and Gustav falls asleep in his new big boy bed.

The next morning, all the family is having breakfast together, and displays the full array of their wardrobes. Maja is in her outer wear, Gustav in pyjamas, Leif in underwear and Elisabet in everyday clothes.

The rest of the day Leif spends in his shop, dazzling his sister into buying some decorative frames, and earning a gold medal in registering (not at the same time!).

While Leif is in his shop making money, Gustav and Maja play ball all morning.

Then she serves a salmon dinner to her little clones. They are pretty cute, especially Gustav, I think. Maybe Elisabet should have a short haircut too?

And in the evening Maja grows up very well to elder. She will continue working until she reaches the top of the medical career, she’s Fortune after all.

Sunday is busy at the shop, so busy that Leif doesn’t see that Beatrice Celander starts to loose her patience in the register line. Nevertheless, the business reaches level 8!

Leif earns his gold badge in re-stocking while there is a pregnancy convention in the shop. There will be a baby boom in the next round!

Just when Leif closed the shop, and was on his way inside to take care of all customers lining up, lightning struck his outdoor toilet!

Luckily, Leif didn’t catch fire, even though he was standing in the middle of the blaze. The rain put the fire out, and it didn’t cost more than a couple of loyalty stars.

That saved the day, and Leif can continue to work towards the top in the next round.

Färila after round 19:
Leif Hartwig
Maja Hartwig
Elisabet Hartwig
Gustav Hartwig



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