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Hamre year 68-70, Severe Temptation

Previously at Hamre, Tobias retired, dated and died in platinum. Lotta got pregnant and gave birth to Christoffer, Mattsmyra sim no 100. Sebastian was a by-stander.

Welcome to Hamre, home of our three-bolt Romance couple.


They are constantly swooning over each other and compliment each other. A lot of love going around!

They have a son too, little Christoffer, born last round. And they have united the biggest extended families in Mattsmyra. Lotta is of the Mattsson clan, and Sebastian of the Montell clan. Christoffer already has nine cousins.

Lotta is the daughter of CAS teen Ida (Mattsson), and has one brother, Leif, who lives at Färila. Sebastian on the other hand has five brothers and sisters and is the son of CAS teen Inger (Johansson). Many more cousins for Christoffer are probable in the future.

Lotta invites her long-time friend and nowadays sister-in-law Anna and her family on Friday. Anna’s boys are of course cousins to Christoffer.

There’s a family reunion for Christoffer’s birthday. Rut is his second cousin, since her mother Elisabeth and his mother Lotta are first cousins. Martin is Sebastian’s brother, Christoffer’s uncle. Noel is Lotta’s cousin, and Oscar is Christoffer’s first cousin.

Sebastian plays a lot with Christoffer, and is a surprisingly good father for being a Romance sim. But I must say that I think most sims are pretty good parents.

Christoffer turns out to be an extremely outgoing, very active and very mean Gemini. This will be something! For now, he’s suitably toddler cute though.

With the spring approaching, Lotta felt like starting a garden, so she did. She’s got fruit trees and vegetable patches. It’s still cold outside, but the snow is gone. In the background, the neighbouring house Öljung where Simon Bardh, Lotta's cousin's family lives.

Then Lotta leaves for work, and Sebastian invites Rut for a rendez-vous. He really has the hots for her, but hasn’t acted on it yet. Rut is after all a pretty close relative to his wife, so he hasn’t dared. But she IS gorgeous... But very young... But fantastically well-formed...

Sebastian: ”Phew! Temptation cleared. Playing video games with my cousin instead...”
You-All: “What!? Are they cousins?! You better show us another family tree!”

Yes they are, even though I forgot myself. Sebastian is one of Inger (Johansson) Montell’s sons, and Stina is the daughter of Daniel Johansson, Inger’s little brother.


Sebastian: ”Damn video game! Rut! I want YOU!”
Rut: “What was that? YEAH, I beat you!!”

Please bear in mind that Rut is a premature YA, she’s actually only 10.

The next night, when Lotta is at work, Sebastian cannot stand the pressure of being a married man anymore. He takes out his whole frustration over Rut and invites Emilia, former Romancer. She’s related to Lotta too (cousin), but then again, who’s not?! Emilia is at least legal by all standards. Except that she’s married, just like Sebastian himself.

However, to our dismay, Sebastian and I realize that he’s got no options to kiss or hug Emilia, except from “Family kiss” and “Hug as a friend”. So, Sebastian is still an unfilfilled Romancer and Christoffer is saved from a broken home. For now.


Hamre after round 19:
Lotta Montell
Sebastian Montell
Christoffer Montell


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