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University Part 1 - Year 68

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Year 68 starts with all the new kids moving in to the Greek House. Hugo and Stina find that they have a common interest in sports and play some basketball. Hugo is thawing up since his visit with his parents back at Mattsgården, and will soon regain his right skin colour.

Inhabitants in the Greek House when year 68 starts:

David Ottomas
Annika Lind
Hugo Mattsson
Engla Ramirez
Stina Johansson
Caroline Johansson
Åsa Benett

Then Stina finds another guy to play other games with. She gets into bed with David Ottomas. Life in the Greek House is the same as ever...

Then it’s time for David’s graduation. He was on academic probation one semester, but ended up passing without honours in Literature. He will go live with his girlfriend Sofia Mattsson at Holmsveden, where his old friend Ralf Lilja has got a head start on him as being roommate.

Åsa maxes her Music enthusiasm and gets a plaque. 1p!

Caroline has an encounter with her three-bolter Daniel Mattson in the hot tub.

Then it’s time for the second graduation this year. It’s Annika Lind, and she’s graduating Magna Cum Laude in Drama. She will move in with her boyfriend Simon Bardh at Öljung, and his parents, of which his father is Annika's lover...

After Sophomore year it’s time for some changes.

Stina chooses the path of Family, and a new LTW of becoming the Education Minister. Yay!

Caroline chooses Romance. You know, there has to be one in each generation of Greek House residents. Her new LTW is to have 20 simultaneous lovers... I have never done it, will this be the first time??

Åsa, our Fortune sim, rolled Fortune for her new aspiration, which renders her a visit to the re-nu-u orb to claim a new aspiration of Grilled Cheese, our second one in Mattsmyra.

The last two inhabitants of the Greek House keeps their Knowledge aspirations, and continue to be devoted to each other and to their studies. They make for no drama at all, so far and is usually off camera.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled households


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