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Holmsveden year 68-70, Double Standards

Previously at Holmsveden, Daniel and Alicia had a calm and romantic period alone in their big house. Alicia grew up very well to elder and left her saree behind, since it didn't fit her anymore (no elder sarees available).

Sofia is back from Uni, and she really wants a job.


Her LTW is to become a Celebrity Chef, so let’s start to look for such a job!

Ralf Lilja moved here too after his graduation. The plan was that he would be room mate to Sofia and David Ottomas, since he didn’t have anywhere else to go after Uni, but while being unplayable Sofia and Ralf fell in love in Daniel Johansson’s Winter Park. That will make the arrival of David a bit more complicated, but we do want drama, don’t we?

Daniel and Alicia is no source for drama, they just work, even though Daniel side-stepped with Caroline Johansson at the Greek House. Alicia was promoted to Superstar, in her second career Athletics.

David arrives in the evening, and starts to get to know Daniel over a game of Don’t wake the llama. It seems like he’s winning, and Daniel is not pleased.

Then he’s reconnecting with Sofia, while Ralf is sleeping next door.

And while David is at work Sofia is dating Ralf

Unfortunately David gets fired on his first day of work due to a bad chance card. Alicia on the other hand gets another promotion, to Assistant Coach. And she brings Max Benett with her home from work.

New day, new promotion for Alicia. She’s now working as a coach, thanks to a good chance card. Ralf has started a garden, to keep himself busy, and to maintain his Nature interest.

And that's it. Maybe the drama will unfold next round.

Holmsveden after round 19:
Daniel Mattsson
Alicia Mattsson
Sofia Mattsson
Ralf Lilja
David Ottomas
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