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Österås year 68-70, Get in Line

First house out for 2010 is Österås
Previously, we had two old Celebrity Chefs skilling and cheating on each other. Maximilian even went to bed with a woman!

Vera is back home, and starts keeping in touch with all her friends.


Nero is working on his Arts interest.

Nero sells his master piece and quits his job as a Celebrity Chef, and then the Grim Reaper arrives. Nero leaves in platinum on March 19th ’69, about 75 years old. His exact birthdate is uncertain. 1p.

His lifelong companion and lover, Maximilian, Vera’s father, is devastated.

Vera on the other hand is dealing with her loss in a Romance kind of way.

Like father like son.

There are so many blonds in this world…

David Ottomas came over to soak in the hot tub, but got hit by lightning. At least he didn’t die!

In the evening Vera gets invited to an outing with Noel’s friend Kattis. She gets pretty ignored, since Noel is also present.

And back home, David has had a shower and is back in the hottub. There he fulfills Vera’s want of falling in love with him, and to woohoo with 5 different sims...

Österås after round 19:
Maximilian Johansson
Vera Johansson



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