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Tallåsen year 68-70, Virgo Melissa

Previously at Tallåsen, Martin started working the shop he got from his father Jesper. Sofie got pregnant and Melissa was born at the end of the round, but not until Mormor Maria was already dead.

Sofie is staying up in the middle of the night to watch an overseas game.


It’s very exciting, especially since she doesn’t know who’s winning, due to her glasses being left in the bedroom.

There her husband Martin and her daughter Melissa are sleeping. Soon Melissa will grow up to toddler.

Sebastian! What are you doing?! You decided in your own house not to touch Rut, but now , in your brother’s house on your niece’s birthday!

I was so upset I even missed the birthday cake picture!

Here she is anyway, all grown up and unaware of what’s happening behind her back.
Melissa is an extremely neat and extremely active Virgo, and I think I see her Morfar Orlando’s nose in her.

Sofie was born and raised here at Tallåsen, by her mother Maria, CAS child and father Orlando, townie teen. She's got two sisters, Lena and Agnes, who are married and live in other houses.
Martin is part of the Montell clan, and have five brothers and sisters, and has 7 nieces and nephews so far.

Martin works his shop and reaches level 2 at the same time as he gets a silver badge in stocking. His employee Christine has got a new work uniform in celebration of the spring.

And after closing time Martin stays in the shop, making flower arrangements in his fabulously gay-looking work uniform.

And back home is Sofie teaching Melissa to walk by the fireplace.

And then Martin and Sofie have dinner together. They keep their relationship alive.

Elisabeth (Mattsson) Burlin came by on Sunday. Then the married couple Martin and Sofie decided to have some afternoon woohoo, and Elisabeth went ballistic. Her and Martin had an affair in college, while she was still a Romancer. Now she’s married herself and expects her second child, but apparently she never forgot Martin.

Sofie realizes in the second she feels the miscarriage that she was pregnant. It has not shown itself before. Unfortunately there will be no little brother or sister for Melissa this time.

Tallåsen after round 19:
Martin Montell
Sofie Montell
Melissa Montell
Gumman, the poodle


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