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Ovanåker year 68-70, What Do the Police Do?

Previously at Ovanåker, Elisabeth had a break-down when her uncle and aunt died. Then she and Kevin got married. Stella was dating and producing viruses according to her Romance personality and Science hobby interest. The small family adopted a kitten and named her Sara. At the end of the update Elisabeth was highly pregnant.

Upon opening the lot, we see one of the Mattsmyra burglars in action.


Too bad for him, we have an alarm installed!

Unfortunately the Police are too slow, so Gottfrid was able to steal a sculpture even after the alarm went off. Then a big fight breaks out between the police and the burglar.

And as that wasn’t enough, Disa is out of shape, and Gottfrid gets away, even though Kevin tries to chase him down. What's wrong with the Police force in this society?!

By daytime Sara grows up to an ordinary black-and-white cat with very green eyes.
Sara entertains herself by checking out the fish in the aquarium. You wish you could catch them, I bet!

And Stella continues her pursuit for lovers and takes Gilbert Jacquet to her hot tub, and to her bed.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Jonas has dropped by for a visit, and he is not pleased to realize that he’s not Stella’s only lover!
Kevin is oblivious, that affair happened before he moved here.

Stella is Elisabeth's aunt, twin sister to Elisabeth's father Loke. Elisabeth has two brothers, Georg of Mattsgården, and Hugo in Uni, and one sister, Emilia, of Los.
Elisabeth and Kevin has a daughter together, Rut, who was born in Uni and remains there until her generation is catching up with her. They are expecting their second child any minute now.

Then it’s time for Stella’s departure – already! She’s only 69, and has been here in Mattsmyra since she was a CAS toddler.

Gilbert has a tough day, first with Jonas fighting him and then Stella dying before his very eyes.

And as if that is not enough, he’s got the stomach flu and has to witness a birth in the bathroom right after he threw up!

It’s a boy! He is born on the 11th of March ’69 and gets Popular name no 9, Filip. I’m afraid he is a clone of Rut. But on the other hand, Rut is very pretty, so it could be worse I guess.

The next morning, the little family is starting to get into their routines. Elisabeth is off work as a Guest Lecturer all weekend, and Kevin hasn’t found a job in the Political career yet.

For lunch, Rut is visiting. It’s hard for Elisabeth to have her daughter so far away, but that’s the way it is when you get born in Uni.
Rut stays the night to be able to spend some more time with her parents, and to get to know her little brother.

Life goes on. Kevin finally gets a job he wants, as a lobbyist. And Elisabeth is pregnant again. Well, she’s a Family sim now, so what would we expect?!

Even before Filip is a toddler his mother is visibly pregnant again.

There’s a terrible storm howling outside the night Filip is supposed to grow up. The lightning flashes are lighting up all the inside of the house, too. Stella is disturbed in her fresh grave and makes an appearance when the second cake is brought out.

This time the cake works, and we find that Filip is an extremely neat and active, but very shy Virgo. That means he’s not a clone of Rut, because she’s a Scorpio.

!!! I’ve never seen this! Filip is watching the fishes, and stands up! He just transitioned and cannot walk yet! As I've said before, you think you've seen everything, but this game continues to surprise me.

Ovanåker after round 19:
Elisabeth Burlin
Kevin Burlin
Filip Burlin




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