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Öljung year 68-70, Busy Schedule

Previously at Öljung, Cristopher had a midlife crisis and started dating without Thea knowing. The boys were in Uni all round and Thea reached the top of the Criminal career, her second LTW and then just tried to fulfill her IW of earning 100.000§.

Simon is back from Uni and admires his parents new collection of stuff they have bought from Mattsmyra’s player-owned businesses.


Simon: "Hmm, very interesting installation"

Then he’s trying to find a job in any of his 6 (!) chosen career paths, but no luck! It’s amazing how hard it is to find a job in Mattsmyra nowadays.
Simon’s real LTW is to max all skills, but it would be nice to have an income along the way!

He ends up accepting a job as a UFO detective in the supernatural field, just because it’s a new career for me and it pays good.

Simon’s father Cristopher is of a different quality than his son, and wants to woohoo 20 sims. He started off pretty well last round and now continues with Vera, who he invites to the Arts& Crafts hobby lot where he serenades her.
His singing is so hot that the snow melts. And Vera too.

And just when he gets out of the car at home, he turns to elder. He grows up very well, thanks to his living his dream lately.

His elderhood doesn’t stop him from dating, but apparently he’s out of good luck. Allegra shows up at the Music&Dance hobby lot when he’s dating Britta. Britta is astonished.

Allegra is vicious – she doesn’t stop at slapping Cristopher up, she’s coming after Britta too.

The same night, Cristopher is barely in the door at home when he gets called to an all-girls-outing, and who would say no to something like that?! Not Cristopher, that’s for sure.
However, the hottest girl is not yet legal, so Cristopher needs to warm her up by playing some chess. And it stops with that.

Cristopher: "When you're old enough to have a daytime job, we can date"
Margit: ...

In the meantime Thea is at work as a criminal mastermind, and when she returns home she turns into an elder. She grows up very well thanks to her reaching her LTW twice already.

Time for a new entry on this lot: Annika Lind, Simon’s girlfriend, but also Christopher’s lover. This will be interesting.
Annika is a Romance sim with an LTW to become Hall of Famer, and her preferred hobby is Nature. She’s got a lot of natural three-bolters.

Simon, who’s now working as an Exorcist, is sure glad to see her.

And while Simon sleeps after his nightshift, Annika starts a garden, which Öljung never had before.

And Christopher goes on another outing

Which is followed by a date with Johanna, that is not appreciated by Madeleine.
The date with Johanna still gets a happy ending. Daniel Johansson looks jealous. Or clueless, which he usually is.

Back home, Simon cooked dinner, so the little family can have their first meal together.
It’s awkwardly quiet around the table.

Cristopher is only home for dinner, then he’s out again, with Britta, who he didn’t get all the way with last time, due to the interference from Allegra.
Britta falls helplessly in love with this terrible Casanova.

Then home for some nutrition again. Noel, Simon’s twin, is visiting, which has the effect that Annika, the newest member of the household, has to stand up and eat her turkey. Interestingly enough, she's watching three of her lovers at the same time. She had both brothers and their father too. And Thea knows nothing.

For a change, even the younger generation has some time to throw in a date. And so far, no awkward moments due to having both father, son and holy ghost brother as lovers

Öljung after round 19:
Thea Bardh
Cristopher Bardh
Simon Bardh
Annika Lind




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