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Storfallet, year 68-70, Negative Bonus

Previously at Storfallet, Britta found her love of Nature. Konrad had a great week by some reason. Kerstin and Robin wrote books.
The customers at the outdoor gym all got frozen. No romance from the two three-bolt couples was anywhere to be seen.

We’re back at Storfallet, the Lot Where Nothing Ever Happens.


Robin Logren is writing on his next book, hopefully a bestseller this time. He’s 60 by now, so it’s time for a success.

His 10 years younger wife, Britta, gets promoted to Rogue Botanist and brings Barbro Sandvall with her home from work.

Konrad gets a promotion too, to acclaimed Muralist, and is either shocked about his raise, or he’s sick. I bet he’s sick. In the background, the Montell residence Lottefors’ magnificent dog house.

And Kerstin, Konrad’s live-in girlfriend, finds no greater pleasure in life, than going to bed. Alone.

And during nighttime, the business reaches level 9, despite the fact that no one in this house ever pays any attention to the customers.

By morning, the delivery service arrives with a first edition copy of Kerstin’s latest mediocre book, but she cannot be bothered, since there is ROMANCE in this house!! It must be the spring approaching!

After the actually very romantic date, where Konrad rolled the want to marry Kerstin for one second (it was so quick I didn’t have the time to lock it), Kerstin starts her new book.

It's a travel guide, it seems

Britta and Robin work together in the greenhouse, harvesting the first tomatoes. With spring the plants started to grow, and so did the weeds.

Then she goes to work and comes home promoted to Ecological guru. But why does she have a working time of 21 h and why did she get a negative bonus?! Not that it is noticed in their bank account, but anyway! Nevertheless, 1p to j68.

Upon checking, we also see that she passed the magical number 100.000§ earned, actually BEFORE her promotion. 3p!

And the last thing happening before our time is up, is that Britta’s home gym finally reaches level 10! Only four more businesses to take to that level...

Anyway, the business gets closed, so we maybe can stop the flu from spreading. Someone is always sick in this house. Next time, Britta will start a real business off her home lot.

Storfallet after round 19:
Robin Logren
Britta Logren
Konrad Platz
Kerstin Tidholm

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