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Vallsta year 68-70, Careerists

Previously at Vallsta, we had a little romance, but no pregnancies. Christel was allowed to do whatever she wanted and ended up playing bowling, video games and computer games. Jonas earned 37.500§ and reached the top of the Athletics career.

Jonas must be the meanest sim in the universe. He is glad that Stella died.


I think I have never seen a green death memory before. It might have to do with him catching her cheating on him right before she died, but anyway.

His fiancée Christel is tinkering away on her old car, and enjoys that spring is coming.

Then she goes to work and comes home promoted to Personal Injury Attorney.

Jonas wants to get back into the Business field, but cannot find any openings, so he’s still working as a Hall of Famer.

And Friday night he wants to take Christel on a date, but she’s completely exhausted when she comes home, promoted to Family Law Attorney, so she stumbles off to bed and he is left standing there looking stupid.

So he checks the ads again, and this time he’s lucky and can accept a position as Executive.

Vallsta after round 19:
Christel Garpheden
Jonas Carlzon


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