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Sörbo year 68-70, Four Children

Previously at Sörbo, Gerd grew up well to teen, choosing the Family aspiration. A nice change for this hood. The twins Adam and Aron grew up to toddlers and then children. Gerd bought her first dog, Alfa, who remained a puppy through the round. Louise hung out with friends, and Jerry was probably at work.

The kids of Sörbo play around in the last snow of March.

Soon it will be gone, so they better cease the moment.

The afternoon is spent around the giant train set they all got for Christmas. Oscar Törnblad is visiting and is allowed to run the train.

This family’s financial situation is finally getting better, and they invest in a chess set, too. Louise wants to learn Logic.

Gerd and Ingeborg are smustling together. They have pre-started the birthday party that is due tonight!

It’s Louise’s birthday! She blows out the candles and wishes for lots of friends, and a logical oldie to share her life with. As long as he at least not has brown hair.

It’s a great party, and both Louise and Gerd, who arranged the party, are pleased.

Gerd’s LTW is to raise 20 puppies or kittens, so she adopts another one, named Benny. Alfa and Benny get along fine, and that’s good, because breeding is of course part of the plan here.

Jerry is home alone all day when all the kids are in school and Ingeborg is at work. He spends his time working on his body skill and his sports interest at the same time.

By midday the snow is gone, and Lena Benett stops by for a visit, so Jerry, ever the Family sim, takes the opportunity to brag about his children.

Jerry's children are four, namely Gerd, Louise, Aron and Adam. Their mother Ingeborg has two sisters, whereof one, her half-sister Maria already died. She was born as generation 2, the daughter of CAS sim Magnus Berg and townie Kim Thulin.

Alfa grows up to become some type of hunting dog, maybe a foxhound, and she does NOT like the school bus.

Ingeborg comes home promoted to Captain, and is amazed that Alfa grew up when she was at work. 1 down, 19 to go for Gerd

Then there’s a homework session. Only Aron isn’t here, he went to bed early.

It pays off for Adam, who gets an A+ report card. Then it's playtime.

Aron brings Ulrika Myhr with him home from school. If they get along down the line, maybe this could be a nice match... But, let’s not decide anything too early, we don’t know what will happen in the future. Just keeping notes...

Adam brought home a friend, too, namely Gustav Hartwig, and they play basketball all afternoon.

And with these nice pictures, showing that the spring is arriving in Mattsmyra, we end this update from Sörbo.

Sörbo after round 19:
Ingeborg Wern
Jerry Wern
Gerd Berg
Louise Wern
Adam Wern
Aron Wern
Alfa, the foxhound
Benny, the puppy



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