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Strandbrynsvägen 407 year 68-70, Chasing Knowledge

Previously at Strandbrynsvägen, Engla was preparing for college, and kept in touch with Hugo. She even got herself abducted and earned a very special scolarship. Elin was pleased to see Engla go to meet Elin's other father. Checo Ramirez, Engla's Morfar, died in Platinum. Tessa was skilling for her medical career.

Elin, our clever little alien girl, maxes her logic skill when playing with her step-mother Tessa.

Step-mother, because

Elin is the alien daughter of Elmer Tång, who was a college llama mascot when studying. It was the same Pollination Technician impregnating him as it was Maximilian Johansson, which makes Vera Johansson of Österås Elin’s half-sister.

Her other half-sister is the daughter of Tessa Ramirez, Elmer’s wife. Her name is Engla and she’s in University with her boyfriend Hugo Mattsson. When they graduate they will move here.

Friday it’s pizza night, and Tessa and Elin are stuffing themselves. And then Tessa has the energy to max her logic skill, with the help of Alicia Mattsson.

Saturday it’s Elin’s birthday. Engla is of course at home celebrating her sister’s big day.

Yay! Elin rolls Knowledge. Somehow I feel that is the most fitting aspiration for aliens. She likes well-dressed careerists, as long as they’re not too old.

After the successful party, Tessa continues her studies to be able to be promoted. She maxes her cleaning skill, and is now fully able to get promoted. She just needs some more connections first. The medical career is very demanding, I must say.

Elin’s LTW is the Knowledge IW, to max all skills. She sets to it with uttermost determination, and maxes her mechanical skill. Then she starts on her Cooking skill and gets 6 points in six hours.

Strandbrynsvägen 407 after round 19:
Tessa Tång
Elmer Tång
Elin Tång

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