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University part 2 - Year 69-70

Year 68

Year 69

Stina, is Tony really a good choice for a Family sim like yourself? He has been used by generations of Greek House Romancers. Eww! We’ll see if this is a one-time occurance or if she’ll persist.


Needless to say, it’s winter, and everybody gets frozen in the hot tub. I think we’ll have to take it out until spring.

Caroline’s first love is Daniel Mattsson, sexiest Mattsson in the world, since his brother Tobias died.
Her second love is Anton Pitts, fellow Romancer.


Year 70

Senior year. All the kids are concentrating on their studies. Many of them still have the chance to reach SCL when they graduate.

Oh, no, Hugo, you’re promised to Engla! Don’t go there!      That’s a good boy! Go do something useful.

Hugo: ”I want money!”
Like it was needed here in the Greek House, but he wanted to make a wish, so...

The same evening...

Hugo, I thought I told you not to go there! Too late, but it’s good for Caroline’s statistics. Hugo is her love no 3. Luckily, Engla didn't catch them.

Don’t blame me, Hugo, and not Caroline either, it’s your own fault that you cannot stand her romancing ways. Another thing - why do my sims wear PJ's when they're supposed to have togas?

Then it’s time for the whole bunch of kids to graduate. First Åsa Benett, SCL in Economy and with a Grilled Cheese aspiration.
Her LTW is to eat 200 grilled cheese sandwiches, and she cooks a bunch for her graduation party. She will start a new lot in Mattsmyra. She’s in love with Noel Bardh, but he’s got other plans than to marry Åsa.

Then Engla Ramirez, graduating SCL in Political Science. She has a Knowledge aspiration and an LTW to become head of SCIA. She’s moving back to her parents’ house in Bluewater.
Hugo Mattsson, CL in Mathematics, with a Knowledge aspiration and an LTW to become a Mad Scientist, will move in with Engla in Bluewater and start a family there.

Stina Johansson, MCL in Psychology, will move back to her parents’ house Korskrogen. Stina has a Family aspiration and an LTW to become the Education Minister.

Caroline, Stina's cousin, takes the time to get herself a fourth lover during Stina’s graduation party. His name is Andreas, if that matters in any way.

And the last one of the class of ’70, Caroline Johansson. She has a Romance aspiration and an LTW to have 20 simultaneous lovers. She will move back to her mother’s house Korskrogen, and continue her mother Livia’s legacy of romancing.

The Greek House will be taken over by David Lind, enrolled by Caroline just before she left.


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