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Runemo year 68-70, The Garden Club

Previously at Runemo, we had a burglary which made everyone exhausted. Annika grew up very well from toddler to child and Märta from child to teen, claiming a Romance aspiration. Barbro got demoted in the natural science field, but didn't care. There was a snow day with 1mm of snow that was used for playing and shopping. The family also adopted a very misbehaved elder cat named Robin.

Robin the cat continues to misbehave.


Barbro has yet another reason to regret adopting him.

Märta wants a first kiss, being Romance and the spring is here. Problem is the gypsy lady just brings a genie lamp. That’s all nice and well, but a date would be better. At next call she brings another lamp...

Märta: ”Never mind, give me beauty and I’ll fix my dates myself!”

Ande: “Ka-zam!”

And just when Barbro gets home from work promoted to clam wrangler, Märta starts a date with Ralph, who is an adult!

Märta: ”I would very much like to have the wishing well, please”

Tove, the garden lady: “Well, we’ll see.”

Garden club: ”Your garden is clean and well kept but a bit sparse – you get a membership and 771§.

Märta: “What about the wishing well?”

Garden club: “Goodnight”

Märta and David are building skills together.

David: “Good job on getting into the Garden Club”

Märta: “I wanted the wishing well, but they said I should expand the garden. How would I do that unless we move? And we do have a pretty big yard, don’t we?”

David: “I think so. I don’t know what to do, honey, maybe plant even more trees, they seemed to like the willow in the back corner.”

Pop! Barbro is pregnant again, at age 45...

I felt that I should show you this picture to prove that Robin the cat is sometimes a source for joy, and not always a nuisance. The baby is due in ’71 (next round).

Annika, our clever little tinkering girl, maxes her mechanical skill. The activity table is excellent for mechanical skills!

In the meantime, Märta is out on a date with Arvid Matsson (not related to the Mattssons’), and gets her first kiss from him.
Then they are having lunch with her uncle Simon, and Märta tells her audience about the dress she’s buying for spring.

Back home, Märta’s mother Barbro is entertaining guests. Gabriel congratulates her on being pregnant and Patrik couldn’t agree more. Barbro is pretty excited herself, it’s probably her last pregnancy.

Many families in Mattsmyra are way past the point where money is no issue, but the Sandvall’s are still struggling. And today, Gerd the maid quit...

Märta, in her new outfit, takes those news with ease, and continues to spend time with Arvid in her beautiful garden. Damn garden club!

P.S. Could anyone tell me what hack/patch I need to get the gypsy to be available for ordering dates?

Runemo after round 19:
Barbro Sandvall
David Sandvall
Märta Sandvall
Annika Sandvall
Robin, the misbehaved cat


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