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Svedja year 68-70, Overtime

Previously at Svedja, the Törnblad family just moved to Svedja. Anna and Allan were sick, but managed to train their boys well. Oscar and Wilhelm grew up very well to children. They didn't get a snow day despite feet of snow. Allan, the Knowledge sim, learned to cook comfort soup. Anna and Allan tried to produce another child.

We start where we ended last time, with Anna and Allan happily in bed.

They live off love alone, since this house is very poor. The move from downtown to Mattsmyra dug a deep hole in their finances.

And while watching a movie that night, Anna feels the first signs of a much desired pregnancy.

When coming home from work, Oscar greets his parents, and his aunt Barbro, who is pregnant, too. There will be both a sibling and a cousin in the near future!

Saturday, the Wern boys are visiting. It’s amazing that this hood have two sets of twin boys in the same age. They will follow each other through the years I hope, and become good friends.

Nothing more exciting happens all weekend, until it’s babytime! (To be honest it’s a bit after midnight on Monday, so it’s actually considered ’71
It’s a girl, who doesn’t want to show us her darkblue eyes. Her birthdate is March 13th ’71, and she gets Popular name no 54 – Siri.

Svedja after round 19:
Allan Törnblad
Anna Törnblad
Oscar Törnblad
Wilhelm Törnblad
Siri Törnblad


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