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Los year 68-70, Parents Visiting

Previously at Los, Emilia got fit and then pregnant, but lost the baby. Love grew up to toddler and learned to walk and talk after some practising. Patric sold a Master Piece and wanted to quit his job, but we wouldn't let him.

Emilia continues her quest for 200 grilled cheese sandwiches.


The homestead of Los has been expanded with a big open kitchen and a new bathroom. The old kitchen and bedroom has been changed to become bedroom only, so the house is not so cramped anymore. It’s still very small, though, with only one bedroom.


Then she’s working on her body skill while her son Love (Lou-veh) plays with his bunny head.
With spring comes the desire to start a garden. At least for part of the family. Emilia looks less than enthusiastic.


In the evening it’s time for Love’s birthday. Since Patric has the flu and Emilia has food poisoning, there’s no party.
Well, it’s only a family party anyway. Look at that giant piece of cake!

Then father, who is now well, and son, work out together, while mother continues to throw up every hour.

The next day, Emilia is well and off work, so she invites her parents, her brother and her sister-in-law for some grilled cheese sandwiches. They have a splendid time together.

Emilia is another member of the vast Mattsson clan. Her parents are generation 1 toddler Loke, Stella’s twin, and townie Barbara (Lennestål) (Her English name is Brandi LeTourneau).

Emilia has one sister, Elisabeth of Ovanåker, and two brothers, Georg of Mattsgården, and Hugo of Bluewater. She’s married to Patric Carlsson, former dormie, and they have a son, Love.

Loke and Barbara stays all day and get two servings of Grilled Cheese. They are of course delighted.


Then the first spring rains start, and the men of the family bond over a game of Simerican Football. Love’s preferred hobby is Sports.

Emilia gets promoted to Dread Pirate in her Adventure career while the rain continues.

And Love masters his study skill with the help of his father.

Los after round 19:
Emilia Carlsson
Patric Carlsson
Love Carlsson


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