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Rävkullen year 68-70, Effing Computer Continued

Previously at Rävkullen, Lena tried to find a job in the Military, but failed. Half the time because there was no jobs available, and half because the computer broke down. She earned a lot of mechanical points in fixing it. Max proposed to Lena and she accepted. Then they got married in a ceremony that Max' father Ricky Cormier attended.

Lena is not pregnant even though it looks like it. She only thinks about food anyway.

She looks for a job in the Military career but cannot find one, so she’s working on her Popularity IW instead, trying to make friends with EVERYONE.

This is a familiar sight. The computer broke down AGAIN, and Lena has to fix it.

Max is working on his body skill to be able to be promoted in his Athletics career. Problem is he gets so hot from the bike, even though it’s still cold outside.
Then Max is tending to the suddenly very needy garden, while Lena reconnects with her sister Agnes, who she hardly knows.

Lena is the daughter of Maria (Berg) and Orlando Ceder. She has sisters Sofie, who is older and lives at the family farm with her husband Martin Montell and her daugther Melissa, and Agnes who is younger, and is married to Georg Mattsson. Lena herself is married to Max Benett with his complicated family history.

Max was born at Korskrogen and was named Johansson at that time. He's the biological son of Livia Johansson and Ricky Cormier. When he grew up he was neglected by his mother and was taken by Social Services. His Uncle Daniel and aunt Sofie adopted him, but he was taken immediately again.
Then, his uncle's in-house lover Maja Benett adopted him, making his cousin Åsa his sister. Maja later got married to Leif Hartwig and had two children, why Max has two very young siblings. To complicate things further, he also has a biological half-sister in Caroline Johansson.

Yes, Gerd, that is Patrik. And no, he’s not married to Lotta, who he makes out with. Maybe it’s Lotta getting even with Sebastian, who made out with Rut recently. She is a Romancer, so no wonder there. He is Popularity though, but I find them almost as promiscious as romancers. We all remember what Lena did in college, don’t we?

Lena: “Who? Me? I’m just trying to find a job in the Military here. Still...”

No job still, but apparently the last ACR induced ”Try for baby” attempt was successful.

The pregnancy doesn’t show yet, and Lena, ever the Popularity sim, invites her young cousins Louise and her sister Gerd for a small sportsparty.

One last attempt for the desired job…                                      … but we end up with a broken computer. Again...

Rävkullen year 68-70
Max Benett
Lena Benett


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