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Gondolkanalen 74 year 68-70, Improved Business

Previously at Gondolkanalen 74, Malcolm and Malva was married and was trying to beat each other to the Criminal career track. None of them succeeded. Malva turned to drinking and started a fire, and Malcolm tried to work his businesses, but didn't succeed very well. At the end of the round they tried for a baby.

Malva prepares a very early breakfast in the newly renovated kitchen at Gondolkanalen 74.


The cash funds are running low but neither Malva nor Malcom has found their desired jobs. Naturally, since they want the same Criminal path. We might have to take temporary jobs

Then she runs off to the bathroom, returning what she just ate. Apparently the baby making activities were successful. If this goes according to plan and we have a baby at all, and the baby is a boy, we will do an exception from the naming rules and name him Malcolm V. Of course.

While waiting, the young unemployed couple are giving financial advice over the internet in order to raise some money for the maid, gardener and repair man expected today.

Especially the gardener will cost quite a lot, since spring just arrived and the garden needs a massive overhaul after the winter.

When the salaries for the servants are paid, Malcolm goes to his nightclub, Klubb Dante. It’s at level 2 when he gets there, and has one employee.

His name is Joakim Croona, and he works at the bar. He is affected by my “standard-brown-eyes-for-all” bug when in uniform, but it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that Malcolm didn’t want a bartender in a tank top, that’s just unhygienic.

Back home, Malva has cooked pancakes for breakfast, and even Rasmus, the maid, gets some. The pregnancy progresses well.

Sunday morning it’s time for the Markövertag heir!

Or make that heiress. She is born on May 11th ’70 at 10.42 AM, and gets Common name no 46 – Siv. She inherited her mother’s skin tone and her father’s hair. The eyes are dark blue and comes from Mormor Inger.

Malva is, together with her twin brother Sebastian, the youngest child of Inger (Johansson) and Jesper Montell. The Montells' are filling Mattsmyra at a rate now that not even the Mattssons' can keep up with.

Malcolm heritage is known to all. What you might not know, is that I did some research in the Markövertag family tree, and found that our beloved Kevin B(urlin) is Malcolm's cousin on his mother's side!

Malcolm is overdelighted that his lovely wife gave him such a beautiful daughter.

Malva is however fed up with being at home, and accepts a position as an Inventor. It’s not the criminal path, but something to do and a way to get out of the house.

Malcolm spends the afternoon at his Electronics store and gets it up to level 2.

And not an hour later, the store reaches level 3! Also, Therese, Malcolm’s employee with "standard-brown-eyes-for-all", earns her gold badge in sales! Better give her a raise quickly!

Malva is happy to be able to start her professional life and prepares for it properly. She buys a mobile phone and som new clothes. And that's all folks!

Gondolkanalen after round 19:
Malva Markövertag
Malcolm Markövertag
Siv Markövertag





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