jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Oscar Rodiek

Oscar was born as generation 3, son of  Agnes (Myhr) Rodiek and Kevin Rodiek. He's got brown hair and light blue eyes with a  light skin tone. His aspiration is Pleasure and his LTW is to become a Game designer. He turns on from blonds and dyed people, but turns off from unemployment.

Birthday: March 11th '69
Siblings: Vidar Rodiek, Saga Rodiek, Svea Rodiek, Moa Rodiek, Matilda Rodiek
Height: 64=184cm=1,045
Badges: Gardening Gold

Preferred Hobby: Nature
College Major: Mathematics CL

Spouse: Siv Markövertag, married 21st of June '93
Children: Birgitta Rodiek, generation 4
Isabella Rodiek, generation 4
Lova Rodiek, generation 4

Talent points:
Cooking 4
Mechanical 8
Charisma 4
Body 7
Logic 8
Creativity 6
Cleaning 4

His sign is Sagittarius and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 3
Outgoing: 6
Active: 7
Playful: 8
Nice: 4


Oscar has his father's colours
Tags: individuals

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