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Järvsö year 68-70, Moving to Långhed

Previously at Järvsö, Agnes and Kevin moved in after college and had a beautiful 30's wedding. Since they are both Family sims, Agnes then got pregnant very quickly. Kevin couldn't find a job and Agnes didn't even try.

Agnes is happy, cleaning her little house and expecting her first baby.


It will be any time now...

The day passes and the night comes. Agnes goes to bed without any signs of a pending birth. Kevin invites his friend Torbjörn to spend some time with him while waiting.

Finally, way past midnight, and therefor in ’69, it’s time. It’s a boy! He is born on the 11th of March ’69 at 0.42, and gets Common name no 79 – Oscar.

Soon after Oscar’s birth, Agnes is pregnant again. The Rodiek family really needs a bigger house! They will move at the end of this round. If they can afford it.

It’s a rough pregnancy, and Agnes feels terrible all the time, but so far she keeps the baby.

Then – Oscar’s birthday. His Morbror Rolf is frozen stiff from walking around in Mattsmyra without a coat on.

Oscar turns out to be a non-extreme Sagittarius, with the typical Myhr chin, and as you see, Agnes is still holding his brother or sister in place.

Agnes is the daughter of CAS teen Evert Myhr, one of my all-time favourite sims, and townie Marita (Bornemo). She’s got a brother, Rolf, who is living in one of the original houses, Myren. She is married to her college three-bolter sweetheart Kevin Rodiek and they have a son, Oscar, and is expecting another child, that is due next round.

And here they are now, at their new house of Långhed (Long Moore). It’s very modern indeed, with an open layout and birch panel on the outside, combined with big windows. The garden leaves a bit more to wish for though. We’ll do something about it later, if there is money left in the budget after the necessary furniture is bought.

Långhed after round 19:
Agnes Rodiek
Kevin Rodiek
Oscar Rodiek


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