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Fallåsen year 68-70, Address Book

This is a new lot, and also the last lot of round 19 = Week 9.

Noel was last seen graduating from college.

Noel Bardh moves in at Fallåsen (Fall Ridge) after college. He’s got a Romance aspiration and an LTW to woohoo 20 different sims. His preferred hobby is Nature.


Since he’s got no preference in any career path, he accepts a job as a Superstar in the Athletics field. You have to earn money somehow, and why not use the star status to get some chicks?!

The welcome wagon arrives, and Noel is delighted to meet some neighbours. No hotties though...

So he invites his college friend Kattis. Her friend Ralf is tagging along, but doesn’t appreciate the company.

They are becoming more than friends fast. Noel even realises Kattis is three bolts hot.

His seduction of Kattis is interrupted by an invitation from Maud Thorell (the famous Meadow Thayer) to an outing. An offer like that cannot be refused of course. And Maud IS a natural blond, despite what I’ve said before.

While being on a date with Maud, Noel suddenly realises that he wants to marry Vera. Well, if you still have that wish when you acheive your LTW, then we can arrange it. Or if I get all soft when I come back to Vera’s house.

The next day, Noel is checking his address book and sees that he has quite a few potential lovers that just wait for him to conquer them, so he starts with A – Agnes. She’s highly pregnant and married to Noel’s cousin Georg, but who cares? She’s also a fellow Romancer.

Noel is a descendant to our patriarch Dan Mattsson, but he and his brother Simon picked up the colours from the Myhr side of the family. Their Mormor Lena Myhr was Dan's second wife. That means that Agnes and Rolf Myhr are Noel's cousins too, on his mother's side.


Noel quickly skips the alphabet list and goes for friendliest, which is Vera. She’s thinking a lot about marriage, mostly in bad terms.

Kattis is back.                                                                              And Maud is ready for the big step

While Noel was busy with Kattis, Åsa strolled in. It ‘s a bit awkward at first, they haven’t met in years, and Åsa even changed her aspiration since then. She’s a grilled cheese sim now.

But soon they find each other again. If Noel had chosen a different LTW, he might had ended up with Åsa for life. We’ll see what happens when he’s done. And at this rate he will outdo his father I think.

And that’s all that Noel has time for the first three days of his adult life. Next time he might even have time to garden and money to pay his bills after he finally will go to his first day of work.


Fallåsen after round 19:

Noel Bardh


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