jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Round 19 complete

Accumulated since r18       183p
Two townies                               2p (Ralf Lilja, David Ottomas)
Three babies                              3p (Filip, Siri, Oscar)
Two LTW                                     2p (Livia, Allegra)
Three TOC                                  3p (Livia, Allegra, Britta)
Two Sum Cum Laude              2p (Åsa, Engla)
Zero Greek House                    0p
Zero Big Sim on Campus       0p
Zero max influence at death   0p
Zero Social Worker                  0p
Zero Social Bunny                    0p
Zero shrink                                0p
Two Platinum graves              2p (Nero, Stella)
One Impossible Want             3p (Britta)
Two Hobby Plaques               2p (David, Åsa)

Total                                       202p

24 households + 1 University 
2 deaths 
3 births 
8 graduations
109 sims (21 deceased = 88 active)
Tags: statistics

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