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Mattsgården year 71-74, Five Points

Welcome to a new season of Mattsmyra Prosperity Challenge! We start where we always do, at Mattsgården, the Mattsson homestead.

Previously at Mattsgården, Agnes Ceder moved in to get married to Georg Mattsson, the heir to Mattsgården. Agnes got pregnant on the honey moon. It was a really cold winter, just like IRL, and everyone got frozen when Loke and Barbara celebrated the Golden Anniversary.
Loke continued to work as Captain Hero, Barbara climbed the Science ladder, and Agnes and Georg tried to find jobs in their desired careers, but didn't succeed.

Georg Mattsson found his desired job in the teaching career, as a High School Teacher. The position requires some charisma, and Georg gladly learns. He’s Knowledge after all.

With the new round for Mattsmyra, we shift our name statistics for the lists valid for 2009.

So – to repeat – first I roll a dice. Odd number means Popular Name list, Even means Common name list. Another list of random numbers between 1-100 determines which name is chosen.


His very pregnant wife Agnes, born Ceder, looks for a job, too.

No openings in the Slacker career, so she starts writing a children’s book instead. Her OTH is Film and Literature, so it’s fitting, especially now when she’s expecting.

Barbara, Georg’s mother, has a day off, and spends it playing the piano. She does that every free moment.

The spring is approaching and the snow is slowly melting away, just like here. Georg gets promoted to Guest Lecturer at the University and awaits the birth of his first-born.

But first, Loke dies on March 20th, ‘71, at an age of 72. He leaves in Platinum, thanks to his reaching his LTW a while back. 1p!
His next of kin is his wife Barbara, 70,
His daughter Emilia Carlsson, 40, with husband Patric, 40, and their son Love, 8,
His daughter Elisabeth Burlin, 32, with husband Kevin, 32, and their children Rut, 11, and Filip, 2
His son Georg, 29, with wife Agnes, 28,
And his son Hugo, 25, with fiancée Engla Ramirez, 25.


The next morning it’s time – a kitchen birth.
It’s a girl, and she gets Common name no 30 – Jenny. She is born on March 8th ’72 at 7.39 am. 1p!

Agnes is the daughter of CAS child Maria Berg and her husband Orlando Ceder, who we all know. She’s the grand-daughter of CAS adult Magnus Berg. She has two sisters, Sofie Montell of Tallåsen, and Lena Benett of Rävkullen.

Georg is the grandson of CAS adult Dan Mattsson and son of CAS toddler Loke and his townie wife Barbara Lennestål.
He’s got two sisters and a brother, Emilia of Los, Elisabeth of Ovanåker, and Hugo of Bluewater.

The same day, Barbara reaches the top of the Science career, finally, and will have Platinum mood for the rest of her life. That’s not too long, I’m afraid. Anyway, 2p!

Georg’s career comes along well, too, and he’s promoted to High School Principal, with the help of a game of Scrabble, where he laid down a seven-letter-word.

He brought his sister Elisabeth with him home.

Here comes the first edition of Agnes’ book! It’s a bestseller. What a debut! Keep your eyes out for more and remember the name Agnes Mattsson, children’s books author.


Now - Jenny's birthday.
Here she is, all grown up to toddler. I believe she takes after his father a lot, with wide eyes, square jaw and a big mouth. We’ll see when she gets older. She's a mean Scorpio, despite her innocent looks.

And we spice up this toddler birthday with a complimentary picture of Kevin B, Jenny’s uncle (since he’s married to her aunt Elisabeth), for all his fans out there. 

The next day it’s time for Barbara to join Loke in the great beyond. She even looks like she looks forward to it. The date is the 31st of May ’74, and Barbara passes in an age of 73. She leaves behind two daughters and two sons with families, including her granddaughter Jenny, 2 years.

The hula girls didn’t fit in this small room, but they are here too, as an indication that Barbara left in Platinum. 1p!

And since they cannot sleep anyway after Barbara’s passing, Georg and Agnes spends the night skilling and tending to the garden.


Mattsgården after round 20: 
Georg Mattsson
Agnes Mattsson
Jenny Mattsson


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