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Myren year 71-74, Playing Games

Previously at Myren, Marita taught her grand-daughter Ulrika her toddler skills. The family entertained guests and Britta was pranking them. Marita retired from her Criminal Mastermind job, and Ulrika grew up very well to child and started socializing with the neighbourhood kids.

Ulrika Myhr comes home with good grades and cheers for it to her father Rolf, who’s working out.


He needs maximum body skill in his acting career

Britta comes home promoted to freelancing webdesigner and looks lazy as usual.

Rolf’s mother, Marita, is still alive and kicking. She’s a Knowledge sim, so when she’s not eating or sleeping she’s always skilling.

Rolf is the son of CAS teen Evert Myhr and townie Marita (Bornemo). He's married to Britta (Davidsson) and they have a daughter, Ulrika. Rolf's sister Agnes is married to Kevin Rodiek and lives on another lot. Rolf and Agnes are cousins with the Bardh twins Simon and Noel.

Ulrika, having two Pleasure parents, never lacks a playmate. Rolf is however a pretty soar loser

Rolf: “How could you do that to me, I’m your father!”
Ulrika: “Hah! Got you!”

Ulrika, you will regret this later!


Marita maxes her charisma skill, but doesn’t get an icon over her head. And then she maxes her Cleaning skill.

And that was it! All skills maxed, and she is now a fully satisfied Knowledge sim! 3p!

To celebrate, she’s inviting her daughter Agnes and her son-in-law Kevin R for lunch.
They are expecting again, their little Oscar will have a little brother or sister soon.

Ulrika brought a friend home from school. Her name is Molly and she’s new in the neighbourhood.


Since both Britta and Rolf are working nights, they like to stay in bed late in the mornings. Long after Ulrika left for school, they can be found in bed, cuddling.

Since Rolf’s LTW is to have 50 dreamdates, the couple is dating a lot. The strange thing is, that EVERY time Rolf is rolling the want to fall in love with Uni Cheerleader Linn. Maybe I should invite her next time and we’ll have some drama again in this house?!

Now when Marita maxed all her skills and reached her LTW, she’s working on her hobby interests. Her preferred hobby is actually Sports, but she’s higher in Games, so that’s what she’s doing. Also, she’s working on making friends for Rolf and Britta’s promotions.


Rolf! What are you doing with the hand control?

Rolf: ”I’m throwing it out. I’m sick and tired of the controls always lying around the floor!”
Ulrika: “Pappa! Don’t throw away the controls! You’re crazy!”

I told you Ulrika, that you would regret beating your father in video games!

Playing games all the time, hoping to earn a plaque before it’s too late. Marita is already 80. The family’s financial situation is getting better, so they invested in a stone wall and some landscaping. It looks pretty nice in the evening light, even though it’s raining.

And here’s the Gaming Guy, delivering Marita’s plaque! 1p!
And with that, it's time to leave for this time. Marita will hang around until next round!

Myren after round 20:
Marita Myhr
Rolf Myhr
Britta Myhr
Ulrika Myhr



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