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Korskrogen year 71-74, Dating

Previously at Korskrogen, we tried to entertain ourselves with three elders. Daniel bought a community lot, a park, which led to unplayable romancing. Daniel found that his preferred hobby is fitness. Livia was woohooing in the hot tub in the dead of winter and froze herself and her lover blue. She also reached her LTW of becoming Hall of Famer.
Sofie apologized to Max for the poor upbringing he had in this house, and he accepted the apology.

The Johansson girls are back at Korskrogen. They wear the same graduation outfit, which is all nice and well, since their everyday clothes leaves something to be desired.


I decided to move back both girls since they are both Johanssons’. Their sister/cousin Åsa is named Benett and moved to her own lot.

Stina changes her hair and applies for a job as Guest Lecturer at the Uni she just left. She has the Family aspiration and her LTW is to become Education Minister.

Livia, our Femme Fatale, invites Daniel Mattsson to a date at the family’s park. At first I was thinking to invite him to the house, but then I realized Caroline is in love with him, so it might have turned ugly. So instead we’re here at the park. Unfortunately it started raining as soon as they arrived.


In the meantime, Caroline is dating Noel Bardh. Oh My Sim, he’s a looker, I really need him to breed. Caroline would be a good choice... Anyway, I won’t do it on purpose, it’s hard enough to try to fulfill her LTW of having 20 simultaneous lovers and his to woohoo 20 different sims.
Caroline takes what she wants. Noel doesn’t object.

He doesn’t object the slightest!


And in the evening, Noel calls and invites Caroline to dinner in the moon light.
And we have love! At least from one side.


And a fitting ending for a Romancer date. They actually took some pictures, too...
And we have lover number five. A long way to go, still...

Back home, it’s Daniel’s time to go. He leaves in Platinum thanks to the fact that he reached his LTW a while ago.

Daniel Johansson is 75 at the time of his passing on March 17th ‘71. He has been the most arrogant and hard-to-love sim I’ve ever had, and I have never understood why. His next of kin are:

Wife Sofie, born Melinder, 75
Daughter Stina Johansson, 25
Daughter Åsa Benett, 25
Brother Maximilian Johansson, 75 and sister Livia, 72.

His Park Business is inherited by his sister Livia. (Wonder why it didn't go to his wife?)


Even if j68 didn’t care much for Daniel, his wife did. She cannot concentrate on her counselling anymore, she just cries and cries over her lost love.
His daughter Stina is also sad. She’s Family after all, and misses her father a lot.

Hugo Mattsson passed by uninvited and stopped by the fountain to put some soap in it. Caroline doesn´t have time to care, since Livia brought Noel with her home from work. She's really, really in love with Noel. Too bad she needs to move on.

During the night hours, it’s time for Sofie to leave, too. Sofie (Melinder) Johansson leaves in Platinum at an age of 76, on March 30th ’72. Her next of kin is her only daughter Stina Johansson, 26. It's her niece Caroline mourning her though...

Yes! Caroline is pregnant! Please take care of yourself now, so this kid will be born. I want a Noel baby, especially with Caroline.

IF this baby is born, it will be our first generation 4! Caroline is only generation 2, since she’s the daughter of CAS toddler Livia, but Noel is generation 3, son of Thea, born Mattsson, our first Mattsmyra baby!


Stina is tired of being alone, and orders a blind date from the gyspy woman, who is fixed from the ”leave-a-lamp” glitch. Stina’s date looks exactly like Jesper Montell did when he was young and he is Family, too. So, it’s a clone of him we see.

They go on a double date with Caroline and Noel to the bowling alley. Unfortunately, despite that this theoretically is a good match, there’s no spark whatsoever, and Stina is not even allowed to hug her date goodbye.

Caroline and Noel’s date ends as a dreamdate, though, even if Caroline had her first pop before it was over.

Stina is trying to have a date with her Uni boyfriend Tony, but soon has to go to work. It was a boring date. Just as well, he's a Romancer.

Her work is her first priority anyway, and she gets promoted to High School Principal. She’s a strange Family sim. She has no wishes for marriage or children whatsoever.

Livia had a great week.

She celebrates it by reconnecting with Ricky, Max’ father, who finally grew up to elder.

Livia: “Do you remember our very first woohoo? That was really something!”
Ricky: “Hmm.. that must have been some time in the 30’s...”

Korskrogen after round 20:
Livia Johansson
Caroline Johansson
Stina Johansson


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