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Roteberg year 71-74, Creative Flow

Previously at Roteberg, Lena learned her toddler skills and grew up well to child. Monica had good grades. Susanne found a job in the Music career and Patrik worked towards the top of the Law Enforcement career.

Time sure flies – our generation 2’s are getting all gray.


Susanne grew up without much fuzz, she’s already platinum for life.

It’s also Monica’s birthday, although nearly forgotten.


She grows up very well and choses the path of Family!
She turns on from unemployed underwear wearing people with no glasses, and her LTW is to get 6 grand-children. Well, that won't happen before sophomore year, so we'll have to live with it.

Susanne gets promoted to Battle of the Bands Judge and brings Lotta home again. Susanne looks very much like her mother Kim, except for the glasses. Maybe it’s time for a new look.

Lena still has bad grades, the sign says. I didn’t even know she did! Maybe she hid her homework somewhere?

Lena finds that her preferred hobby is sports. The local stray disagrees. At least spring is really here!

Susanne is the daughter of CAS adult Magnus Berg and his townie wife Kim (Thulin). She's the granddaughter of CAS elder Hugo Berg. She's married to mailman Patrik Mellberg and they have two daughters, Monica and Lena. Since this is an all-girls family, Susanne has two sisters, CAS child Maria (half-sister), who was married to Orlando Ceder but died, and Ingeborg, married to Jerry Wern.

Monica and Lena have 7 cousins, ages child to adult.

Monica is still longing for friends, and hangs out with Elin Tång. They talk about how it is like to have a father who’s a police officer. Both Patrik, and Elin’s father Elmer are working with the Police force.

It’s still cold outside, but it’s definitively spring, the snow is gone.

Unfortunately, her new friend doesn’t want to go shopping with her, so Monica has to go by herself. Her family is among the richest in Mattsmyra, so she indulges herself in perfume, electronics and clothes. The cashier boy is one bolt hot, but we can do better than that!

Back home, Susanne receives the news that her last book is a bestseller. Everybody loves the stories about Dr Susanne.

So, another one is started. Dr Susanne goes skiing, but she ends up in the doctor’s office herself. (Which I just got the news that it happened to my daughter, skiing with a friend, 900 km from here :/)


Susanne gets into a real creative flow and writes all night.
And by morning the next adventure featuring Dr Susanne is finished. It’s another bestseller!

When Lena comes home with excellent grades, Susanne is still in her PJs, since she slept all day after her marathon writing. She invited some neighbours over for dinner.

And at the same time, Patrik arrives home, promoted to Captain Hero, his LTW! 2p!

Since Patrik is in a good mood after his promotion, and both girls have good grades and wished for a pet for years, Patrik adopts one. It’s a male kitten they name Kompis (Pal)

And the round ends with yet another novel about Dr Susanne. This time there’s a mystery about a baby that comes to the hospital.

Roteberg after round 20:
Susanne Mellberg
Patrik Mellberg
Monica Berg
Lena Berg
Kompis, the kitten


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