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Letsbo year 71-74, Impossible Want

Previously at Letsbo, Georg earned his plaque in Arts & Crafts. David earned his plaque in Music & Dance. He threw a couple of parties to pass time while he waited to go to Uni. Then he left. Allegra reaches her LTW of becoming a Criminal Mastermind. Georg and Allegra grew up very well to elders and Annika was visiting.

It’s a cold spring at Letsbo.

Allegra is working towards her Knowledge IW, since she’s too old to go for her second LTW which is to become a City Planner.

Then the spring comes for real, and she’s tending to the very needy garden.

In the evening when Georg arrives home from work, he’s throwing an anniversary party, which gives him his second LTW. Sadly, it renders no points for j68, but what can you do? Georg is happy anyway, and that’s what counts.

Georg is our first Mattsmyra baby, along with Thea (Mattsson) Bardh. He's the son of CAS elder Hans Lind and his townie wife Melissa (Fancy). He´s married to his college sweetheart Allegra (Gast) and they have daughter Annika of Öljung (she lives with Thea's son Simon), and David in Uni.


David is at home visiting for the occasion.
The conversation is flowing freely and it becomes a good party. Georg looks good in his formal wear.

Allegra, still in her formals, maxes her charisma skill.

Then she’s keeping in touch with her friends, and Georg takes a dip in the hot tub. Two permaplat elders are not incredibly exciting...

Allegra maxes her Cleaning skill, and thereby completes the Knowledge IW. 3p!

And while Allegra is at work that night, Georg earns his silver badge in sewing.

Letsbo after round 20:
Georg Lind
Allegra Lind


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