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Lottefors year 71-74, My Leaving

Previously at Lottefors, My was sucking up to girls with so-so results. Marcus was training the dog, Jiingi and grew up to teen. Simon was skilling. The spring arrived. Carita found herself pregnant and in the last seconds of the update she was abducted, and we had a real cliff-hanger!

Carita is still abducted and doesn’t feel very well.


Probably we’re in for a miscarriage when she returns. Or not. We’ll see. She’s really too old to have babies anyway.

In the morning she comes back.

My and Simon are up and welcomes her back.

She seems to be alright after her abduction, and is soon back to ordinary subjects in her conversations. My is off to Uni this round and her parents discuss it, of course.


As soon as Simon leaves for work, Carita’s contractions start. Here comes baby!
On the 16th of April ’71, 8.47 am, a baby girl is born. She gets Common name no 19 – Sara. She’s got her father’s blue eyes and dark skin, and her mother’s hair.

The Montell family tree hardly fits into the window anymore. Simon Montell is the oldest son of Jesper and Inger (Johansson). All his brothers and sisters are married and have at least one child each, so Sara has already 8 cousins. Her elder siblings, My and Marcus are already teens, so Sara is really the baby of the family.

I also realized when I saw this family tree, that Sara's aunt Anna just had a daughter named Siri, and aunt Malva just had a daughter named Siv. They all look the same, so our poor audience will have a hard time telling them apart in the future!

Marcus goes on a shopping trip on Monday, to pick up the essentials – cellphone, MP3 player and handgame.
Then he checks out Camilla Meckare and finds her hot.

She’s shy, but there are two bolts. We’ll see where this leads. Maybe nowhere. He’s got three playable girls in appropriate age in the hood, namely Rut Mattsson, Monica Berg and Elisabet Hartwig. He should meet them before we make any hasty decisions.


Simon comes home promoted to Medical Researcher and is completely wasted.
Carita comes home promoted to Senior Manager, right before the headmaster is coming.

Marcus and My get along better now when they are both teens, and have a pillow fight while waiting for the headmaster.


When headmaster Ville Walter arrives, Marcus is ready, and meets him by the car. Mr Walter approves of the kitchen.


And he also likes the study, where My is dealing with her homework. He also likes the salmon dinner, and both My and Marcus are accepted in Private School.


The evening is not over yet. It’s also Sara’s birthday. Marcus helps his little sister to blow out the candles.

She gets the classical toddler hair and a green dress. She’s an extremely neat and extremely playful Capricorn, who already knows her preferred hobby is Food.

The next day Marcus is off for his very first day of Private School!

Simon is growing up very well to elder, and still hasn’t reached his goal of becoming Chief of Staff. The Medical career is really tough, it demands a lot of skills and a lot of friends too.


My is claiming her scolarships for grades, art and charisma and heads off to Uni, where we will see her freshman year in ’74.
Bye, My!

After My left, life returns to normal. Simon maxes his cleaning skill.

And Sara plays with Jiingi. Toddlers cuddling animals is unusual in my game, but it happens once in a while. I don’t know if the dog or the kid stinks the most.

Then Carita grows up well to elder

And for the last time, Simon taught a toddler how to walk. At least his own toddler. Who knows, he might have time to teach a grandchild, too, before he kicks the bucket.

Lottefors after round 20:
Simon Montell
Carita Montell
Marcus Montell
Sara Montell
Jiingi, the crossbreed


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