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Färila year 71-74, One down, Four to go

Previously at Färila, Gutav made big plans for his future, grew up to child and didn't get a birthday cake. Leif worked his business up to level 7 and then 8 and spent some time with his cousin Sofia. Maja blessed her fate of meeting Leif and grew up to elder. Elisabet was making friends with the neighbourhood girls.

Leif is sick as usual, since he has a shop. The flu is always spreading in public places.


J68 rewards the first sim that invents a vaccin.

Elisabet comes home with great grades and cannot even wait until her father is finished in the bathroom before she tells him.

By evening, Leif is healthy, and Maja comes home promoted to Specialist.. She’s car pooling with their neighbour across the street, Allan Törnblad and tonight he’s invited to stay, because it’s Elisabet’s birthday.

Here we go! Daniel Mattsson, Leif’s uncle is here, and also Åsa, Elisabet’s half-sister, who is grown up now.

She grows up very well and chooses the path of Family (another one in the same round!) She turns on from full face makeup and underwear, but turns off from swimwear. Her LTW is to have 6 grand-children. (another one!)

She adapts a new look and she loves it!

Leif goes back to his shop now when he’s well. The stuff is flying off the shelves and his employee refused to show up today, so he has to try to keep up himself.


Back home, Leif invites Marcus Montell to introduce him to Elisabet. They are in appropriate age for each other.
And there are two bolts! Unless any of them find someone better in Uni, I think we see a future Mrs Montell here.

And more happy news – Gustav is excelling in school, just like his sister.

Elisabet takes Marcus on a date to the grocery store, since the food is finished at Färila. First he complains that she doesn’t care about his feelings, but then again he thinks it was a good date.

Yes, Elisabet, I agree, he seems to have a hard time making up his mind.


Back in the shop, it’s crowded, and Leif and his employee works hard to fill up the shelves. Jerry becomes Leif’s best friend and gets the shop to reach level 9!

And we reach level 10!! One down, four to go.

So, home we go and sell off Köpmansmarknaden and buy Amelia’s Krypin.

Then a quick lunch and a cup of coffee, and then he’s off again.

Meanwhile, Maja gets promoted to surgeon, but apparently she met her enemy Andreas during the day. Marcus misses Elisabet. Yihoo!


At Amelia’s, Leif re-employs Kenny, who worked for him at Köpmansmarknaden. They have become friends over the years.
And Lena (Ceder) Benett gives him his first simoleon at this establishment.

Back home for a family breakfast, Leif can hardly wait for the rest of the family to go off to school and work so he can go to his new shop.

Leif is decending from the Mattsson clan, and is the son of Ida, Dan’s eldest daughter. She was twins with the casanova Tobias Mattsson, but they are both dead by now. Ida married townie Lasse Hartwig.
Leif has a sister called Charlotte, but everyone calls her Lotta. She is married to Sebastian Montell and has a son.

Leif is married to Maja (Benett) and they have their daughter Elisabet and son Gustav. Maja also has a daughter from an earlier relationship, Åsa, and an adopted son, Max. Those two are already adults.


The shop reaches level 1 with the help of a very frozen customer. The summer has already arrived at Amelia’s but Julia didn’t thaw yet.
Christel Garpheden makes it level 2 soon after.

And in the evening, just by closing time, the reporter Jim gives Leif the Best of the Best award! He's really on the roll now - will Leif be our first sim to reach 5 top-level businesses?


Färila after round 20:
Leif Hartwig
Maja Hartwig
Elisabet Hartwig
Gustav Hartwig


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