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Hamre year 71-74, Tobias Haunting

Previously at Hamre, Christoffer had his first birthday, and all the guests were related to him. Lotta started a garden. Sebastian was severely tempted to seduce Rut Mattsson, but managed not to. Then he tried to seduce Emilia Mattson, Lotta's cousin, but found out that the game considered them family.

Christoffer Montell is left to play by himself most of the time. His father Sebastian works days and his mother Lotta works nights.


When they are at home one at a time, they’re sleeping.

In the evening it’s his birthday, and uncommonly enough, both his parents are up. No guests, though, since the flu is present here too. We need a full round of quarantine j68 believes.

Christoffer promptly falls asleep in his parents’ bed, while Tobias Mattsson decides to scare the living daylights out of his niece. Sebastian only coughs.

Lotta Hartwig is the daughter of Ida (Mattsson) and Lasse Hartwig. Her brother is Leif Hartwig, who still lives at the family farm, Färila, who we just visited.
Lotta and her own family lives in her uncle Tobias’ house. Tobias was twins with Ida and never had children of his own. Instead he was romancing the neighbourhood.

Sebastian is from the vast Montell clan


Sebastian tries to work on his fitness interest while Christoffer is in school, but (j68) realizes after a couple of hours that boxing is considered sports and not fitness :/
It was fun with all the red with a black touch, though

In the afternoon, with the rain pouring down outside, Sebastian teaches Christoffer how to study. It takes quite a while, but when it’s done it’s done.

When Lotta arrives home at 3 am, it finally stopped raining, and she’s promoted to Concert Pianist. She will start working daytime again, at least sort-of.

Then both Lotta and Sebastian have a day off, and they spend it like Romancers do.

Then it’s time for the classical picture of children with good report cards.

Then he's playing with the neighbourhood boys. They play catch. In the livingroom...

Christoffer doesn’t appreciate Tobias’ appearances. Lotta is oblivious.

Oops!                                                                                                 Oops!

Yes, Lotta, it’s his fault. At least the pregnancy!

Hamre after round 20:
Lotta Montell
Sebastian Montell
Christoffer Montell


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