jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Korskrogen, Thursday - Sunday


Round 3 starts with romance in the air. Maximilian gets his first kiss from his two bolt love Nero. It’s so cute they wear their hair exactly the same.

Livia has been using the mood altering head gear all afternoon, and now the crisis is very close. She’s famine, exhausted and has a hygienic crisis. She also left her macaroni on the stove. This can be a disaster in the making!

Well, Livia recovered and spends Saturday night watching TV with her sister Inger and some friends. Inger will soon be an adult, but has a very low aspiration meter. Knowledge teens in first generation seem to be very hard to please.

Daniel gets promoted and starts as a “junior nurse” at the hospital. He’s gloating as he did when getting good grades as a child.

Another -1p for j68 when Inger breaks down on her birthday. She did a good job raising her brothers and sister, but she never had time for her own development, and now she pays the price.

Just before she’s moving out from the house where she was raised, to her own farm of Öljung, she’s getting her first kiss by Jesper Montell. Not even that did she have time for during her teenage years. Just before the taxi arrives she’s taking a job as a pick-pocket, to eventually reach her goal of becoming a Criminal Mastermind. Good luck on starting a new life on your own, Inger!

Inhabitants at Korskrogen after round 3:
Daniel Johansson
Maximilian Johansson
Livia Johansson

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