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Holmsveden year 71-74, The Last Original Mattsson

UPDATE: Yay! Pictures are in place!

Previously at Holmsveden, Sofia moved back to her parents house after Uni, roommate Ralf Lilja in tow. Unfortunately they fell in love and was still when Sofia's boyfriend David Ottomas moved in. No one was discovered during the round, even though Sofia dated both of them all the time. Sofia started her career in Culinary and David in Music. Ralf didn't find a job but started a garden instead.
Sofia's mother Alicia had a few promotions, and dated Sofia's father Daniel.

Alicia is still working in her Athletics career.


She wants to reach the top, and is maxing her charisma skill in order to do so.

 Daniel, our last original Mattsson, has aqcuired a wish to learn some logic in his old days. At Holmsveden, the spring has not yet warmed up.


Alicia comes home with Noel Bardh in tow, promoted to Hall of Famer. It’s her second LTW, so we get points for TOC only. Still, 1p!


The same evening, David gets promoted to Music Teacher at the summercamp. Another step towards his Rock God want.


Sofia, the heiress of Holmsveden, is moody as usual when dating David. She really has a hard time making up her mind on who to love or date or whatever. One moment she looks like this


and the next like this. David is one of her two live-in-lovers. That was not j68’s plan, but what can you do? While unplayable and waiting for David to graduate college, Sofia fell in love with her roommate Ralf, the emo kid.

David gets promoted again, to Battle of the bands Judge.

Ralf on the other hand, has a hard time finding his desired job in science. Since he’s Knowledge, he’s always finding something to do, though.

Daniel and Alicia comes home, saluting each other, claiming to have had an excellent week. Since they are both permaplat, it’s not surprising.
The front porch is filling up with the roses left for Sofia by her two lovers.


Sofia is an only child, descending from the Mattsson clan via her father Daniel. Her mother is townie Alicia (Cegerblad). Daniel has had four siblings, and still has a half-sister, Thea, alive.
Sofia’s closest living relatives, except her parents, are her 8 cousins on her father’s side.


A calm day goes by, and the next afternoon Livia is coming home with the elderly Hall of Famers. She takes advantage of the host, while the hostess suddely realizes what type of man she married. The visiting teenagers find it all hilarious.


15 minutes later (true story!) Grim comes to claim Daniel’s immortal soul.

The effect from the last minutes disaster shows itself immediately in the insurance to Daniel's wife Alicia, she gets only 8.400. And they were so in love until 15 minutes before his passing....


Look at that! I totally missed that Alicia reached her IW a while back. The sims certainly don’t make a big fuzz when they reach their IW’s, do they?


Life continues at Holmsveden, with Ralf maxing his Body skill.


And Sofia gets promoted to Sous Chef and had a great week. No wonder, dating her two lovers all the time. The round has been completely eventless except Daniel’s late-in-life side-step and demise.

Holmsveden after round 20:
Alicia Mattsson
Sofia Mattsson
Ralf Lilja
David Ottomas


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