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Österås year 71-74, Men on Parade

Previously at Österås, Maximilian and Nero worked on their hobbies. Nero died at an approximate age of 75. Vera was flirting and woohooing lots of blonds and David Ottomas, who also got fried in the hottub.

Maximilian Johansson inherits some money from his friend Loke Mattsson, who passed away recently.


He sleeps alone nowadays.

His romancing daughter Vera has only one thing on her mind. She cannot find a job in the Athletics career as she wants, so she’s checking of her list of candidates for woohoo.

Here’s Lars-Erik Knutsson, two-bolter, despite her being Romance and him Knowledge.

And David Lind. They had a thing going when they were teens. He’s a bit younger than her, though, he’s still in Uni. Just started actually.

And in between the new dates she’s booty calling Noel Bardh, our new neighbourhood casanova, Tobias Mattsson's nephew and heir in spirit.


Next in line for Vera is Joel Ekström, obviously a uni mascot. Under the mask he's blond, as you can see on the right. This is not really a surprise, considering Vera’s weakness for blonds.

He’s also a Knowledge sim, she seems to have a weakness for those too...

In the meantime, Maximilian has calmed down in his old age and mostly wishes for playing different musical instruments. Eventually he earns his plaque for Music & Dance! 1p

It also gives him enough aspiration points to choose a secondary aspiration of Pleasure. Our very first secondary aspiration in Mattsmyra!

And before we go, even Maximilian gets his share of romancing, with his old lover Boris, who he also shared with Nero.

Österås after round 20:
Maximilian Johansson
Vera Johansson


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