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Tallåsen year 71-74, Silver Badges

Previously at Tallåsen, Sofie watched nightly overseas games on TV and had a miscarriage. Melissa grew up toddler, while her uncle Sebastian misbehaved at her party, seducing Rut Mattsson.
Martin introduced a new uniform at his shop and worked the shop to level 2. Martin's college lover Elisabeth found out that he sleeps with his wife and went ballistic.

Melissa Montell found a friend in the family poodle Gumman.

They love to cuddle!

While her father Martin maxes his Creativity skill.

Since Martin owns a shop, this family, too, is infected with the flu epidemic going around.
Melissa’s birthday is held in private at Tallåsen (Pine Ridge)

She grows up very well with all the toddler skills under her belt. She’s also very pretty, she looks a LOT like my RL niece Engla – cheeky, bright and curious. Even the same boyish haircut. I think I just got myself a new favourite sim!


When Martin gets well, he immediately returns to his shop. He’s desperate to earn some money, he only earned a measly 10.000 in all his life!
Now he’s quickly working his way through the badges and earns silver in flower arranging, silver badge in register and bronze in sales.

Back home, Melissa invited some friends to play bowling. The ball is very heavy, but she doesn’t give in. Go, Melissa! She even earns a body point.

Sofie teaches Gumman to Speak. She’s not altogether stupid, that dog. Sofie should go shopping for better summer clothes.

Martin puts Christine to work with selling stuff, to get her trained in sales too. It works terrifically, and the shop reaches level 4.

Unfortunately, she manages to offend David Sandvall, which is very easy (the drama King…), and the level drops to 3 again.
However, it’s easily amended, and we’re back at 4.

Then – mandatory picture of Good Grades – Daddy’s Asleep

Then the round is over, and Sofie notes that she wasn’t promoted all week, despite having all the needed skills. Is there a glass ceiling in her company? She had an opportunity to go to another company (chance card) but decided to stay. She got a bonus of 5.000 § for it, and a promise of becoming CEO, but she has started to question the wisdom of the decision now.

Tallåsen after round 20:
Sofie Montell
Martin Montell
Melissa Montell
Gumman, the poodle


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