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Mattsgården - The Mattsson family

 Mattsgården is a quite big lot, where I started to build a house on my own. 

Starting out with only 20.000 simoleans and 6 people needing bedding, feeding and hygienic facilities, though, the house is hardly half finished. Good for the Mattsson family they're installed on a computer with only Open For Business, otherwise they would freeze.

The inhabitants are presented below:

Dan Mattsson - the father
Dan is a Taurus with popularity aspiration. His Lifetime Wish is to become a mayor (top of the political career). 
He was created randomly, I didn't change his appearance one bit, not even the clothes, as with all the others. Dan is a first generation adult.

For creating the kids I also had a random female sim in CAS, to get the kids to look like siblings. And they sure do, as you will see. Their mother had black hair, and it stuck to the kids. Dan's blond was totally wiped out of the genetics.

Ida Mattsson - big sister
Ida is a first generation teenager with knowledge aspiration. She is a Gemini and wants to be head of the hospital (top of medical career)

Tobias Mattsson - big brother
Tobias is a first generation teenager. His sign is Capricorn and he has a Romance aspiration. He wants to become a sports legend, but I'm not sure how that will happen, since he's extremely lazy (1 point active).

Daniel Mattsson - middle brother
Daniel is a first generation child, and he's a Taurus, too. It's the most common star sign in Mattsmyra.

Loke Mattsson - little brother
First generation toddler. He's a Scorpio.

Stella Mattsson - little sister
Loke and Stella are, despite being girl and boy, identical twins. She's a Virgo.
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