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Ovanåker year 71-74, Going Downhill

Previously at Ovanåker, we had a burglar that got away. Sara grew up to an adult cat and enjoyed watching the aquarium. Stella took Gilbert Jaquet to her bed while her other lover Jonas Carlzon was in the house. Then Stella died and Filip was born. He grew up to toddler and also liked to watch the aquarium. Rut was visiting and stayed over. Kevin got a job as a lobbyist. Elisabeth got pregnant again.

Kevin Burlin lets Elisabeth, who is pregnant and sick, sleep in in the morning, and takes care of Filip.


He’s teaching him a nursery rhyme before he leaves for work.

And in the evening, when back from work, and after a few hours sleep, Kevin teaches Filip to walk.

Later that night, Elisabeth, who is now well, finds Filip asleep on the floor with his head in the potty chair, and just can’t stop laughing. She’s got a strange sense of humour, this woman. And when is the baby coming, Elisabeth? It's overdue!

Kevin comes home early. He got fired from his Politics job because he refused to do something illegal and followed his conscience instead. Well, so be it. Kevin is NOT a dirty politician!

In the evening, at least one year overdue, Elisabeth’s contractions start and another baby is coming.


Or make that babies. It’s twins. And it’s boys. Whatever happened? This is Olle, Popular name no 35, born on the 8th of May ’72, at 8.08 pm
And this is his brother Ludvig. Both boys inherited their father’s blue eyes. Ludvig has his brown hair, too, while Olle has his mother’s black.

Filip gets a bit forgotten when his brothers are born, but he entertains himself. And Sara, who is patient, but not especially amused.


Kevin and Elisabeth find that three kids are more work than one, and Elisabeth is pregnant once again!


Even though Elisabeth is pregnant, she heads off to work for one day. It pays off, since she gets promoted to High School Principal.
In the middle of chaos, she takes some time to cuddle her precious Sara, too. The cat is the most neglected creature on the lot at the moment.


Thanks Sim, it’s Filip’s birthday. He learnt all the toddler skills and is growing up in platinum. I’m not sure who he looks like, but he most certainly doesn’t look like everybody else with his slanted eyes widely apart. This will be interesting in the future.

First pop! So far, so good with Elisabeth’s pregnancy, despite the chaos in the house. And Filip’s party was ok, too.

Kevin is trying to get some leisure time at the telescope, but Stella disapproves. Just as well, we don’t need alien babies at this time! Nevertheless, maybe we should move Stella to Mattsmyra Sockenkyrka, so we don’t risk Elisabeth’s pregnancy.

After his first day of school, which is also his brothers’ birthday, Filip finds his love of sports. It’s contagious, it must be 50% of the sims having sports as their preferred hobby.


Ludvig goes first. He got dressed in Filip’s old clothes, which makes him look a lot like Filip, just a different eye colour. He turns out to be an extremely neat Aries, and already knows that his preferred hobby is Culinary.


Rut is obviously related to her mother. When Filip passes out on the kitchen floor at the party, she just cannot stop laughing.
Then, in the middle of Olle’s party, Elisabeth gets a Major Pop!

Despite three cakes to make it happen, Olle refuses to grow up. I guess he wasn't ready. Because of that, Luvig and Olle will not be considered twins anymore in my opinion, but Olle will be registered as being one year younger. I believe it's called Irish twins.


Ovanåker after round 20:
Elisabeth Burlin
Kevin Burlin
Filip Burlin
Ludvig Burlin
Olle Burlin
Sara, the cat


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